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Brief Description
The Tanzania Water Resources Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI) is an Activity of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission to Tanzania that seeks to improve health, water resources management, agriculture, climate change adaptation, and environmental conservation. WARIDI, working eventually in 20 administrative districts in the Wami-Ruvu and Rufiji river basins, has three components, or results that seek to:
•                     Increase utilization of sustainable multiple-use water and sanitation services;
•                     Strengthen governance for sustainable and resilient management of water resources and services considering the need to adapt to climate change; and
•                     Increase livelihoods through private sector investment opportunities for sustainable water services and resource management.
WARIDI has partnered with eWATERpay ( to pilot a new, pre-paid digital water meter in Mvumi and Msowero COWSOs in Kilosa LGA. The meters were installed in 21 (Mvumi) and 26 (Msowero) community water points in December 2018. WARIDI project partner Resonance is leading the partnership coordination with eWATERpay, and Resonance conducted a baseline survey and interviews to inform the pilot in October 2018 and an interim pilot check in survey in March 2019. In August 2019, WARIDI and eWATERpay wish to engage a third-party evaluation team leader (consultant) to conduct a final evaluation of the eWATERpay-WARIDI pilots in Mvumi and Msowero.

Objectives of the Assignment:
Key objectives for this short-term technical assistance (STTA) evaluation team leader (consultant) include:
1.       Evaluation team leader works with the eWATERpay and WARIDI teams to design a final evaluation scope of work that builds effectively on the baseline study and the interim pilot review an identifies key successes, failures, lessons learned, and unintended consequences of the eWATERpay technology pilots in Mvumi and Msowero.
2.       Evaluation team leader designs and executes a final evaluation that makes use of a variety of data points and perspectives, including project partners (eWATERpay, WARIDI), the eWATERpay technology dashboard and cloud data, COWSO management, COWSO revenue and costs records over and pre-dating the pilot period, and the perspectives of community water users and vulnerable groups.
3.       Evaluation team leader produces a well-written and comprehensive final report – with input from project partners – that effectively evaluates the key success and challenges and lessons learned from the eWATERpay pilots in Mvumi and Msowero, drawing comprehensively and accurately from rich evaluation data.

The Evaluation team leader will perform the following tasks:
Phase One
1.       Meet with the WARIDI and eWATERpay partners to better understand eWATERpay technology, pilot progress, and work to date
2.       Review partnership monitoring plans, baseline survey tools and design, baseline survey report, interim survey tools and design, interim survey report
3.       Visit Mvumi and Msowero COWSO sites and conduct preliminary COWSO meetings
4.       Review eWATERpay technology dashboards with eWATERpay
5.       Produce detailed evaluation plan and design and survey/evaluation tools and share with WARIDI and eWATERpay teams for comment
6.       Identify evaluation logistics and resource needs, in terms of schedule, dates, transport, survey enumerator team and staffing, etc.
7.       Revise and finalize evaluation tools and design
Phase Two
•                     Plan fieldwork and arrange interviews and surveys
•                     Conduct fieldwork, interviews, and surveys. Fieldwork is expected to include:
o   Interviews with the WARIDI and eWATERpay team – 5-10 people
o   Review eWATERpay business model to inform scale up of the technology to other COWSOs.
o   Interviews with COWSO officials – approximately 6-12 people per COWSO (2 COWSOs).
o   Interview with Kilosa DWE and Village leaders in the two COWSOs.
o   Interviews/survey with water users in Mvumi and Msowero
o   Visits to all 21 water points in Mvumi and 26 water points in Msowero to confirm functionality of meters
o   Interviews with other stakeholder groups: i.e., former or current DP attendants and water users from vulnerable groups (who sometimes are permitted to access free water from the Mvumi and Msowero systems)
o   Interviews/survey work should capture diverse voices: Women, men, and youth
o   Conduct other needed data collection, related to COWSO recordkeeping and the eWATERpay technology dashboard
Phase Three
•                     Conduct data analysis from surveys, interviews, and other data collection
•                     Write final report and share draft with WARIDI and eWATERpay for feedback
•                     Incorporate feedback and finalize
Deliverables and Outputs
The Evaluation team leader is responsible for the following deliverables and outputs:
•                     Completed evaluation design and well-planned data collection tools
•                     Complete list of resources and evaluation team needed to execute evaluation design
•                     Well-executed fieldwork and data collection
•                     Complete and organized records of raw data collected from fieldwork, to inform final report (i.e., survey and interview transcripts, data analysis, and COWSO- and eWATERpay-reported numbers and statistics)
•                     Final evaluation report
Relations and Reporting
The Evaluation team leader will work closely with the WARIDI-Resonance and eWATERpay teams. Primary points of contact will be from WARIDI-Resonance: Resonance Project Manager and the WARIDI-Resonance Strategic Partnerships Specialist.

Level of effort (LOE) and duration of the assignment:
This assignment will require fieldwork in and travel to Tanzania, in August 2019. The assignment is expected to take a total of 18 days. The following is the breakdown of days by Phase: 
Phase 1: 5 days
Phase 2: 8 days
Phase 3: 5 days


    • Master’s degree in a relevant field and substantive experience in business and/or marketing
    • At least seven years of experience in M&E, quantitative research, or data collection
    • Demonstrated experience supporting M&E for international development programming
    • Experience in sub-Saharan Africa and Tanzania strongly preferred
    • WASH M&E experience strongly preferred
    • Swahili language skills strongly preferred but not required
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. No phone calls please. Resonance is an Equal Opportunity Employer.