Sales Development Representative

San Francisco
Retool is a fast way of building internal software. Our goal is to make it easier for engineers to build custom, internal software. Software has transformed industries, but it's expensive to plan, build, and maintain. And that's a shame, because it's so useful! Our goal is to make this large class of software faster, cheaper, and more enjoyable to build. Because then we'll have a lot more of it, and that's a good thing.

We're based in San Francisco. Culturally, we're tightly knit, and enjoy spending time together. If we weren't working at Retool, there's a good chance many of us would be friends anyways. We enjoy spending time with others who are fun to be around, have some sense of humor, and can reason, debate, and make decisions without bitterness.

We're profitable and growing quickly. Our investors include Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, as well as the founders of Github, Gusto, PagerDuty, Segment and Stripe. 


We’re ready to bring on our first SDR to accelerate our growth. You’ll be engaging with our prospective customers in creative ways, and adding value to those who sign up for free accounts. 

You’ll be responsible for creating meetings so our sales team and customer engineers can help our customers be successful with Retool. We’ve got a technical audience so you’ll really need to be process focused, thoughtful, curious, and able to answer technical questions. Retool is moving quickly so you’ll need to be ambitious, eager to learn, and calm under pressure.  

In this role, you'll:

    • Research our inbound leads and send them creative, value added messaging
    • Create sales pipeline by building and testing outbound strategies
    • Be diligent around Salesforce hygiene so you can use that data to analyze and report on the state of the funnel 
    • Become a subject matter expert in Retool
    • Develop both technical and sales skills

Ideally, you:

    • Have worked with technical products in the past (this doesn’t have to be in sales, but that would certainly be preferred!) 
    • Are open to feedback and learn very quickly 
    • Love testing, tracking, and iterating on your process
    • Thrive in ambiguity 
    • Are genuinely curious
    • Are eager to pursue a career in sales!