Frontend Engineer

San Francisco
Retool is the fastest way to build custom internal tools. Every company with a database needs internal tools to manage their operations. When they connect their data to Retool they can build those tools efficiently and devote developer time on their customer-facing product.

As a frontend engineer at Retool, you’ll be building a platform that hundreds of companies rely on to run their operations. Every improvement to our product is multiplied across companies that each have hundreds of people who depend on Retool every day.

Our customers interact with Retool primarily through our frontend interface. Retool is both the interface they use to build apps and also the runtime for the tools they build. Because of that, it’s critical that we build a performant, intuitive, and powerful frontend. This means that you’ll be getting deep into browser profiling to make Retool fast, working closely with our design team to craft a product that delights our users, and experimenting with Web Workers and WebAssembly to extend the power of Retool.

We’re a small but quickly growing engineering team working together across a variety of products and problems. Engineers at Retool own projects from start to finish and work cross-functionally to ensure the best outcome possible. New features often start off as customer ideas and we talk with customers, scope out what a solution might look like, build it, test it, document it, and release it. We love empowering our customers so their businesses can run more efficiently and effectively.


    • Led complex, frontend-focused products with tools like React, Redux, etc. 
    • Built flexible, composable libraries and components
    • Mentored and taught other people on the team, and are excited to do so in your next role
    • Strong product sense and a love for building beautiful products with a focus on clean, consistent design and usability 
    • Worked well cross-functionally and drive for the best solution in the least amount of time 
    • Identified valuable projects, communicated the strategy for them, and executed on them autonomously
Retool is a Y Combinator-graduate backed by Sequoia Capital, as well as the founders of Github, Gusto, PagerDuty, Segment, and Stripe. Located in the heart of Hayes Valley, San Francisco, we build tools that delight our customers, empower businesses to run more effectively, and keep engineering teams happy.

Interested in what we're doing? We'd love to hear from you.