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Retro develops therapies for diseases driven by the biology of aging. We work on (1) partial reprogramming, (2) blood factors, and (3) autophagy to rejuvenate and restore function to cells, tissues, and organisms. 

We have an opening for a bioengineer to build and test devices that will interface with the murine circulatory system, among a wide range of activities that fuse engineering with biology.

You will be joining as part of the early team of a rapidly evolving startup that has a long-term vision and financial stability. Candidates can look forward to helping design and scale a focused research program in collaboration with a world-class team of scientists and engineers with diverse technical backgrounds. There will be an opportunity to learn cross-disciplinary skills upstream and downstream of your core responsibility, including single cell -omics, immunology, plasma biology, human iPS cells, and lab automation.

We look for adventurous, mission-aligned high-performers who can learn anything and bet on them. That being said, the listed qualifications are advantageous. 


    • Rapidly model and iterate on device prototypes
    • Build/manufacture prototypes in creative ways
    • Test and validate designs in simulation and in vivo
    • Learn broadly and contribute to upstream and downstream functions
    • Immersion in scientific literature and distilling the state-of-the-art
    • Collaborate seamlessly with research and automation teams, and present results across the company

Ideal Qualifications

    • A rigorous, broad STEM education (MS-level ideal, also suitable for BS or PhDs). Example: engineer with exposure to biology or biologist with substantive engineering and modeling experience
    • Past experience working on biomedical devices
    • A hacker in the physical realm – has tinkered, built things with his or her own hands, and/or worked in a machine shop or lab
    • Computer modeling experience (fluid dynamics, 3D printing)
    • Familiarity with a wet lab environment – handling lab animals, collecting tissues, culturing cells, and wielding a pipette as needed
    • Bonus: Prior experience with flow cytometry, mass spec, histology, surgery

You may be a good match if you are

    • A hacker: you build quickly, information finds its ways to you
    • Enthusiastic about rapidly and creatively experimenting, learning, and improving
    • Excellent at articulating technical concepts clearly and have an open communication style
    • Mission-aligned: you deeply care about aging and extending healthy human lifespan