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The mission of Retro Biosciences is to extend healthy human lifespan by one decade.

We are a well-funded, untraditional bio startup based in Redwood City pursuing multiple programs, including cellular reprogramming therapeutics. We offer an opportunity to do quality science faster than academia and with more flexibility than big pharma. We’re building a team of incredibly capable individuals who embrace our culture of rapid iteration, transparency, and mission-focus.

We are seeking a Scientist in high-content screenings to support the development of our next generation of healthspan therapies. Apply if you are a well-organized, creative, and technically capable scientist comfortable implementing methods in the same year they are first published. This position is ideal for an individual who is entrepreneurial and eager to learn and grow exponentially within a collaborative and supportive team of fellow scientists and engineers.

Primary Responsibilities

    • Develop strategies for and and establish high-content assays
    • Collaborate with Retro’s lab automation, reprogramming and computational teams
    • Implement in vivo and in vitro CRISPRa, CRISPRi, Perturb-Seq, CROP-seq, or CRISP-seq assays
    • Analyze and present experimental data to internal teams and collaborators
    • Perform, analyze and interpret pooled and arrayed genome perturbations (knockout, knockdown, and over-expression) screens to support discovery projects


    • Ph.D. or equivalent 3-8 years of intensive, relevant research experience
    • Experience with generating and analyzing next generation sequencing data
    • Proven track record of developing and executing novel high-throughput, high-content and/or pooled assays in mammalian cells
    • Experience with single-cell, high-throughput assays
    • Cell biology expertise including cell culture, viral transduction, transfection
    • Molecular biology experience including construct design and DNA cloning
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work efficiently and productively in a dynamic, scientifically rigorous, and fast-paced environment
    • Knowledge of immunology is a plus

You may be a good match for this role if

    • You want to help humans live longer, healthier lives
    • You enjoy intellectual challenges and diving into deep waters of high-throughput data
    • You communicate openly, clearly, and proactively
    • You can rapidly iterate and improve in a fast-paced environment of a start-up
    • You live for science