Computational Biologist

Redwood City, CA /
Science /
Retro Biosciences is a fast-growing biopharma startup using high-throughput, high-dimensional approaches to develop therapies for diseases driven by the biology of aging. We are looking to expand our exceptional team at our Redwood City location.  

We are seeking a Computational Biologist to be a core part of the scientific team. We are seeking a creative and ambitious individual who will leverage the potential of single-cell genomics data to inform and design new kinds of biological screens. This person will participate in experimental design and drive statistical analysis of omics experiments (primarily single-cell RNA sequencing and DNA methylation) in close collaboration with experimental biologists. We prioritize rapid iteration with cycle times faster than those found in big pharma or academic labs. This is a creative position as part of an intelligent, interdisciplinary, and fast-moving team. It is not for the faint of heart.

Primary responsibilities:

    • Working with teams of scientists to understand and counteract elements of aging biology.
    • Leading the development and deployment of machine learning-based biomarkers of cellular state and function which will be incorporated into functional screens.
    • Working with functional genomics data including single-cell RNA sequencing and DNA methylation data.
    • Engaging as a core member of the scientific leadership.
    • Collaborating with an interdisciplinary and fast-moving team to accelerate pre-clinical R&D efforts.


    • Ph.D. in computer science, statistics, computational biology, bioinformatics or related.
    • Knowledge and experience in Bayesian statistics, linear modeling, and multivariate statistics and deep learning models.
    • Extensive development experience with machine learning and data science frameworks (Pandas, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch).
    • Strong coding skills in Python or R and experience with Git.
    • Experience working with single-cell RNA sequencing and other forms of omics data.
    • Experience with biological experiment design and results interpretation in close collaboration with experimental biologists. 

You may be a good match for this role if you are:

    • Detail-oriented, organized, and technically competent.
    • Adaptable, responsive, and high energy.
    • Enthusiastic about rapidly and creatively experimenting, learning, and improving.
    • Excellent at explaining technical concepts clearly.
    • Excellent at interpersonal skills and have an open communication style.
In addition to an audacious mission, we offer competitive pay, meaningful equity, daily lunch, and infinite espressos.  
If interested in this position, please send your résumé with a couple of sentences about how your experience maps onto our needs, and what interests you about Retro.