Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Computer Vision

Financial Crime Technology – Product · FinCrime · Computer Vision
The Financial Crime Technology department is at the forefront of Revolut’s efforts to keep customers and their money safe. Through the intelligent development and deployment of technology, we aim to prevent financial crime more effectively than traditional banks.
We operate in small, nimble teams that are built for scale, speed, and quality. Each unit is responsible for a different pillar of fincrime, giving you the chance to have a real impact on crucial problems that affect millions of people around the world.

In Data we are composed of machine learning engineers, data engineers, data scientists, backend engineers, all focused on solving some of the hardest problems in the world. You will work with the Computer Vision team, in particular, the Compliance team. 

Our team builds and deploys systems that interacts with different parts of the Revolut's infrastructure and leverage machine learning and computer vision to most efficiently automate compliance related matters, such developing automatic measures for ID verification during the onboarding process. As Revolut continues to experience the incredibly fast paced growth of its user base, the business impact of the team grows as well, as every step the team automates is a step less that needs to be handled manually, enabling Revolut to hit a global scale.

We are looking for a machine learning engineer to help us better automate these compliance related processes, through developing and putting into prod online and offline algorithms that leverage our backend and the data. If you are skilled in software engineering, machine learning, computer vision and applied maths, possess a passion for building solutions and have a strong aptitude for data technologies, then this is your gig!

• You will be responsible for building new machine learning models to automate Compliance processes. Our machine learning engineers are end-to-end practitioners responsible for coming up with an idea, prototyping the model, implementing it in our pipelines and measuring its impact in production.
• You will work alongside a newly created team of machine learning engineers in Computer Vision and come up with innovative new strategies and solutions. At Revolut, we are firm believers in measuring and rewarding success, and your KPIs will be dictated by how much impact your work is having on the automation rate of these Compliance related processes, while not compromising our good users’s experience.
• Expect a great sense of ownership for the projects you develop while benefiting from the support of the wider Computer Vision team as we have a strong collaboration culture. In addition to this, the overarching Data team is also readily available to support, including engineering support for deploying final solutions into production.
• Our data stack is based mainly on Python and TensorFlow. We are hosted on GCP and our data scientists and engineers rely heavily on Jupyter, Flask, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Docker for their machine learning data solutions.

• Strong knowledge of Machine Learning fundamentals.
• Good understanding of deep learning Computer Vision techniques.
• Knowledge of more traditional Computer Vision techniques is a plus.
• Hands on experience with Deep Learning related libs (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch).
• Strong command of Python and write efficient code. We primarily use Python 3.7.
• Familiarity with some flavour of SQL. You also have experience with NoSQL DBs.
• Experience in making prod machine learning solutions via internships or full-time roles.
• Experience in system design and distributed computing.- Experience with CI/CD and containerisation is a bonus.
• Experience with cloud-based infrastructure such as GCP or AWS is a plus.
A little about us…When Revolut was founded in 2015, we had a vision to build a sustainable, digital alternative to traditional big banks. Our mission now is to help our customers improve their financial health, empower them to have more control, and promote financial cohesion across the communities in which we operate. Launching into 2020 with 10 million Personal customers and over a quarter of a million Business customers only reinforced our belief in the vast need across the world for better financial services. As our customer base has boomed in the last year, we’ve expanded our team to match that growth. We started 2019 with several hundred employees; we closed it out with 2000.

What we’re looking for…Revolut is being scaled up by people all around the world who share our vision. We’re looking for people who align with our four core values: we Never Settle, we Get It Done because we Think Deeper and we’re Stronger Together. You’re the kind of person who wants to join a community of forward-thinking people, all personally and professionally invested in Revolut’s mission. You thrive in a collaborative space where everyone’s learning from each other, and learning fast. We believe in empowering our Revoluters in their work, giving them autonomy and ownership of what they do. We want everyone at Revolut to own their story and their successes - working with us means you’re not just another cog in the machine.

• Competitive salary
• Biannual equity bonuses
• All the latest tech you need
• Skip the commute and work from home once a week
• Roll with a free Revolut Metal subscription
• Pension plan
• Private health insurance
• Start the day properly with fresh fruit and cereals
• Stay refreshed: get juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks on tap
• Rest up with 29 days’ holiday per year

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