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Data sits at the heart of Revolut and plays a uniquely crucial role in what we do. With data we build intelligent real-time systems to personalise our product, tackle financial crime, automate reporting, track team performances and enhance customer experiences.
Fundamentally, data underpins all operations at Revolut and being part of the team gives you the chance to have a major impact across the company – apply today to join our world class data department.

Product Owners are a special piece of how Revolut works. As a Product Owner, you hold sole responsibility over the roadmap of your team, daily operations, project execution, and how risks are addressed. You will have regular exposure to senior management, and be relied upon as the go-to person in your field. This role is all about responsibility, follow-through, and being a builder. 

Revolut’s product teams are composed of a product owner, product associates, data scientists, and engineers. Financial Crime Technology has several dedicated product teams: Transaction Monitoring, Know Your Customer, Quality Control, Computer Vision, Automation, and Screening to name a few.

You will be highly exposed to the practicalities of customer-facing processes, the nitty-gritty of engineering, and the nuances of communicating complex ideas to senior management and banking partners alike.

We not only want to see you succeed in your role here at Revolut, but also in the future. To that end, we will train you for your next role, giving you the necessary exposure from public speaking, to high level business meetings, to building meaningful, impactful solutions.

What you'll be doing
• Have ultimate responsibility for the Product
• Presenting Directly to Product Directors weekly and our Executive Team fortnightly
• Build new processes, optimise existing processes, and completely replace broken processes 
• Think ahead, coordinate with other teams, and build for the future
• Manage, hire, and scale your team
• Proactively identify, monitor, and solve issues using SQL and Python
• Spec out solutions with engineers and lead product meetings
• Always keep the flow going! Make sure operations, development, and everything in between is working smoothly on a daily basis
• Lead and execute projects
• Communicate with senior management and banking partners about key issues

• Able to break complex problems into simpler ones, and prioritise them
• Manipulate and analyse data with ease using SQL and Python
• Clear communicator
• Strong track record of achievement
• Teamwork
• Curiosity
• Ethically motivated to reduce financial crime