Sales Development Rep

Boston, MA
What do you want?
To work for an exciting, upbeat successful company? To be part of an energetic team? To be respected and acknowledged at work? To clearly understand your role in the company mission? To build great relationships? To enjoy great benefits?  If that sounds great - keep reading……

This is why we need you
This role will be situated within our Sales team. This motivated team is dedicated to helping organizations better connect to their people. It will be your role to make contact with HR professionals to discover their key challenges and requirements for employee engagement - specifically around recognition and communications.

You are our driving force in initiating contact with our potential clients. Your goal is to successfully create as many genuine sales opportunities as possible to ensure the overall delivery of our US sales target.

You will work closely with an experienced Sales Consultant.  You will establish potential client requirements and showcase some of our leading-edge engagement solutions, in order to establish discussions with our engagement consultants. It’s all about getting HR excited!

This is what we need
You will have fantastic written and verbal communication skills, be amazing on the phone, build rapport fast, confident recording videos, be self-motivated, creative, have strong attention to detail and data management skills.  Last but not least you will have a positive ‘can do’ attitude and be hard-working and dedicated.

Reward Gateway is a learning organization and this is a role where you’ll need to be ready for a lot of learning.

We hire people who are great relationship builders, have honesty, integrity and are great at communication. But we don’t expect you to have an existing knowledge of HR and employee engagement – that’s why we train you. We’ll need you to be ready for a lot of training and development.

This is what we do
We create products for Human Resource (HR) teams. Products that are innovative, easy to use and deliver high employee engagement for every one of our clients. High engagement is what makes our clients happy and that client number is growing fast. We currently work with over 1,800 around the globe.

HR is our customer, we understand their world and their world only, we care passionately about what they achieve in their role, and we’re here to help them.

Our mission is to make the world a better place to work.  Can you help?