Growth Marketing Manager

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We are looking for an ambitious Growth Marketing Manager who is passionate about simplifying healthcare and eager to develop and implement results-driven marketing strategies that support Ribbon’s goals. You will work side-by-side with our marketing, product, BD, and sales teams to dissect our go-to-market funnel and look for opportunities for us to improve. You will take an entrepreneurial mindset toward our growth function, experimenting with organic and paid acquisition strategies and sharing learnings cross-functionally. You will play a critical role in growing Ribbon’s customer base and revenue.

What we look for at Ribbon

    • Passion and drive to simplify healthcare by building products that increase access to care and power every healthcare decision to be high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient
    • Commitment to Ribbon Health company values, working on an exceptional team, and building an exceptional company
    • Grit, hustle, desire, and a “get-it-done” attitude, including a strong comfort with a lean and highly collaborative environment
    • Dedication to the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where teammates are celebrated for their unique perspectives and work together to simplify healthcare for all

What we’re looking for in this role

    • You have experience working in a fast-paced, high-feedback environment 
    • You thrive in ambiguous environments. When the path forward is uncertain, you push forward to find creative solutions
    • You have the interest and curiosity to dive deep into healthcare and technology concepts, themes, and trends
    • You love solving difficult problems for users and teammates
    • You are a critical thinker who is energized by opportunities to test and experiment with different hypotheses
    • You enjoy teaching, especially distilling technical concepts into simple explanations and using data to illustrate a point
    • You are drawn to marketing funnels, constantly imagining areas to optimize and improve our existing campaigns
    • You have experience in digital marketing, growth marketing, demand generation, or a similar role

Your day-to-day

    • Develop organic and paid acquisition strategies: Define our acquisition strategy, analyze metrics in each approach to ensure success, own our outcomes
    • Experiment with new channel approaches: Look for opportunities to grow our funnel and try things we haven’t done before
    • Drive industry best-in-class metrics: Establish our KPIs, own improving on these metrics, and push us all to deliver a best in class growth marketing function
    • Paint a vision for growth marketing’s impact: Create a common language around our go-to-market funnel so the full Ribbon team understands the value of growth marketing
How we live out our values for our teammates

Our goal is to make this the best career decision any of us have ever made. We stand by our values to make it happen.

Run Toward Hard Problems | We are motivated by the toughest challenges. We seek out hard problems that have the most impact and solve them to help those who need it most. We encourage our teammates to take ownership of outcomes that motivate them. Everyone at Ribbon has a say in our objective and key result (OKR) planning process for their teams and across teams. 

Put Your Team First | We are a family. We are all happier and healthier when we take care of each other and put each other’s needs ahead of our own. We take care of you by offering fully covered insurance premiums on health, vision, and dental, a 401K plan match, and a flexible working policy that includes progressive family leave guidelines, flexible working schedules, and unlimited vacation.

Do What You Say | We are honest with each other. We are accountable to each other. When we commit to accomplishing our goals, we make it happen. Every team member has the opportunity to own high-impact work at Ribbon.

Stay Hungry, Keep Improving | We are humble. We will make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and be better because of those mistakes. Here, feedback is a gift and mistakes are learning opportunities. We have a thoughtful culture that focuses on giving and receiving regular positive and constructive feedback to help us support each other and make each other better. Also, speaking of “hungry” we offer plenty of snacks, food, and coffee.

Practice Habits of Excellence | We measure our success by the process it took to get there. We will always do our very best and we are proud of the outcome because of it. At Ribbon, we focus on how we get things done by documenting and sharing our learnings, We are building the systems we need to scale our company and support our work for the long-term. 

Build With Empathy | We are building the best healthcare experience for our users. When faced with a difficult decision, we do what’s best for people’s lives. This includes our team. Every Ribbon teammate shares working and lifestyle norms, and we hold each other accountable to respecting these norms so each person can balance work-life integration that works for them.