Software Engineer, Product

San Francisco, CA
Full Time
Rimeto’s mission is to give employees the context and understanding to work together effectively. We are a high growth, well funded start-up based in San Francisco bringing world-class user experience to workplace productivity.

The Software Engineer, Product position will be responsible for building world class web and mobile applications and increasing productivity of other engineers on the team. Technical challenges include: evolving Rimeto’s React and React Native infrastructure and frameworks, improving Rimeto’s GraphQL infrastructure and API data model, and improving overall reliability and testability of our product.

This role reports directly to the CTO/co-founder, Neville Bowers.


    • Help drive Rimeto’s product roadmap working closely with product, design, and engineering stakeholders.
    • Advocate for product engineering excellence through code review, internal talks, and framework development.
    • Maintain and improve Rimeto’s React and ReactNative, Typescript and GraphQL infrastructure.
    • Build core Rimeto product features to validate product framework and infrastructure improvements.
    • Contribute back to the Open Source community relevant improvements to product development frameworks.


    • 2+ years of high quality software engineering experience.
    • Comfort and flexibility in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment.
    • Experience working with JavaScript.
    • Engineering or related technical degree, or equivalent work experience.
    • Excellent communication & writing, especially with respect to technical topics.

Bonus Points

    • Experience working with React and/or ReactNative.
    • Experience working with GraphQL.
    • Experience working with TypeScript.

Why you'd love working here

    • Everyone at Rimeto works across the stack (infra, mobile, web, data).  You get to own end-to-end design and development of new features.
    • You can pick the technologies that make the most sense — we're not afraid to try something new.
    • We move fast, with multiple releases every day and an iterative approach to developing new features and measuring their success.
    • We use engineering best practices that thoughtfully balance speed with craftsmanship.  
    • We learn from one another - through code reviews, presentations, and discussions in the hallway.  
    • You will have transparency into areas outside of Engineering (Business, Strategy, and more) and you’ll always have line-of-sight to real customer impact in your work.
Our Values

Quality: We take pride in everything we build. We're thoughtful about architecture and design and always focused on quality.

Diversity. We value diverse perspectives and backgrounds, particularly for their contributions to our product and workplace.

Learning. We see promise in one another and are committed to building an environment where we can learn and grow together.

Leadership. We aim for everyone to be a leader, regardless of their role. Impatience with the status quo motivates our team to take action instead of waiting for permission.

Long game. We want to create a product and company that is enduring and valuable for our clients, partners and team.

Collaboration:  We believe that people working collaboratively will make a bigger impact.  It’s how we operate within the company and what drives the overall mission of the company.