Software Engineer

Full Time
About Rippling
Rippling is the world's first way to manage your company's HR & IT — from your team's payroll and benefits, to their computers and cloud apps — all in one, integrated system. 

Want to hire someone, for example? Just click a button, and Rippling can instantly: add new hires to your payroll and benefits, create their email, ship their work computer, and even create their user account across all your cloud apps, like Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Office. 
Rippling is based in San Francisco and has raised $60M in funding from top-tier investors, including Kleiner Perkins, Initialized, DFJ, and Y Combinator. 

About the Role

We’re looking for great software developers to join us in our journey. We care a lot about laying the right infrastructure before building things, but also about continually deploying code. We want to work with exceptional software engineers, who get bored at large companies. We are made up of small teams that move fast.

You will

    • Develop high quality software with attention to detail.
    • Ship incrementally and continually at high velocity.
    • Have exposure to the sales teams to prioritize what can improve our revenue.
    • Interact with customers and support them in being successful with Rippling.
    • Engineers are directly involved in support day-to-day here at Rippling.
    • Learn to have an opinion of what it takes to create, high impact.
    • Become the in-house expert on Rippling customers and competition.


    • Top-tier veteran founding team & investors
    • Unlimited PTO
    • Meeting-light culture and daily catered lunch empower you to get the most done
    • Competitive compensation (salary, equity)
Rippling is an equal opportunity employer.