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The RISE mission is to accelerate internet in the Philippines—we do this by focusing on the overall customer experience, providing excellent internet services and creating a positive impact on our partners and industry.

After starting from very humble beginnings and a desire to help the industry and consumer, we have grown to service business and wholesale customers in Cebu and Manila. Our business customers come from every industry but have one thing in common: they require high quality service and great support, companies such as Aboitiz, Amaysim, Ericsson, Uber and many others. This year we founded, an internet exchange that has brought new content to the Philippines and made an outsized impact on everyday connectivity.

If you get excited by improving things and are willing to be direct and apply your skills, you too can accelerate internet in the Philippines. By joining you will be part of a growing business that requires new leaders as we work together to in an environment that values proficiency, proactivity and directness.

You will be rewarded with a competitive salary and conditions including HMO for you and your family. Flex time is offered for some roles and your team mates will be there to help as you build your skills and responsibilities.

This job ad is for pooling purposes as there's a chance the role will open in the future. Even if you are not looking for work now, we encourage you to apply since you may go through our qualification process and assess our offer without any commitment to accept immediately. If you like what you are getting then you can plan with us on when you will eventually join.

Duties and responsibilities

    • Gather, listen, observe, interview customers, users, stakeholders (sales, marketing, operations), and together with the product team, assimilate all and study information to arrive at informed decisions
    • Discover and develop plans to mitigate risks as part of offering our products
    • Facilitate a workshop to maintain a product roadmap
    • Evaluate and prioritize features based on impact to our users, team. and revenue
    • Evaluate and identify what we will not build to ensure we focus our efforts on what is valuable in upcoming releases
    • Facilitate design workshops on usability, functionality, quality, and performance
    • Create product mockups and prototypes to aid in testing concepts with stakeholders and customers, and to help our software teams understand how to implement features
    • Write user stories and non-functional requirements
    • Develop acceptance criteria to match expectations and quality objectives
    • Develop content for UI components in product, and copy for user manuals
    • Maintain a product overview for use as a guide by our internal staff
    • Write content and contribute to the build-up of both internal and customer-facing knowledge base
    • Inspect and provide feedback to recently implemented versions of our products
    • Participate in release planning activities with software teams
    • Participate in supporting customers and users
    • Participate in team activities to deliver software that satisfy business needs
    • Responsible for self-assessment as part of our weekly self-reported check-ins
    • Continuously learning to ensure useful and effective participation in the teams

    • As part of our distributed team, the following are expected: 
    • Establish a working space and infrastructure, to effectively participate in a distributed environment
    • Schedule work on a daily basis, with a minimum of 4 hours overlap with the rest of the team
    • Use a stable, high quality Internet access for video conferencing
    • Able to join a video conference during working hours
Hiring process

We aim to give our applicants a good experience by being timely, efficient, and direct. We do apologise however as due to the overall volume of applications we only respond to candidates successful in securing a screening.

Privacy Statement
RISE is committed to protecting your personal information. Your information will be collected, used and may be shared by RISE with third party service providers to serve lawful purposes, for RISE recruitment process, including processing of data by third party when required. Your information shall be held only as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is collected. The use and transfer of your information will be strictly in accordance with the applicable data privacy law and in line with our privacy policy available at RISE Privacy Policy. Further, by clicking Apply, you agree and acknowledge that you have read RISE’s privacy policy and fully understand your rights to access, correct or withdraw your information anytime.)