Silicon Logic Formal Verification - Full Time

(India) Bangalore, India
Engineering – Silicon Engineering /
Full-time /
Positions are open for full-time and co-op/internship roles in the areas of formal verification of CPU, Fabric, and Accelerator design


    • As a Formal Verification Engineer, you will be involved in the formal verification of the architecture and microarchitecture of a high-performance RISC-V core, a coherent fabric, and an accelerator design.

    • In this position, you will:

    • Work with architects and RTL design engineers to identify, specify, and verify artifacts amenable to formal analysis.
    • Prove functional and security properties of the design, find design bugs, and work closely with design teams to deliver high-quality designs.
    • Develop sound formal abstract models for verifying system-level properties like deadlock freedom and non-starvation using formal methods.
    • Develop innovative flows using formal methods in conjunction with simulation-based techniques for effective bug hunting.
    • Develop reusable and scalable proof techniques.


    • Solid understanding of formally specifying and analyzing temporal assertion properties.
    • Hands-on experience using model checking tools.
    • Experience with interactive theorem provers is a plus.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills, along with strong written and verbal communication abilities.
    • Excellent organizational skills and high self-motivation.
    • Ability to communicate and work well with different design teams.
PhD, Master’s Degree, or Bachelor’s Degree in a technical subject area.