SI/PI (package and board level) - Full time

(US) Mountain View CA , Austin TX, Portland OR, Fort Collins CO /
Engineering – Platform Engineering (HW) /
The individual contributor in this role will drive package design, PCB design, and provide feedback to silicon development engineers from SIPI perspective. They will be involved in all stages of the product development cycle - solution path finding, design implementation, OK2Fab sign-off, bring up, function and performance validation, troubleshooting, to mass production. They will also contribute to SIPI methodology development and lab build-up.  


    • Build end to end simulation models for high speed interfaces (DDR/PCIE, etc), find solution path and design space, come up with routing rules, implement them in constraint manager files.
    • Build end to end simulation models for power delivery network, evaluate Vdroop contribution from various components (VRM, PCB, socket, package, silicon etc), define PDN requirements, and come up with solution recommendations. 
    • Model extraction of all components: PCB, connectors, socket, package substrate, and drive silicon model extraction and validation.
    • Define package and PCB stack-up, material selection, decoupling capacitor selection, routing rule development.
    • Work closely with package designers, PCB designers, EE, power engineers, thermal/mechanical engineers, package and PCB technologists to implement the designs, optimize for performance and perform sign off simulations.
    • Validate bare substrate, PCB, socket, connector interconnect performance and PDN measurement in lab.    
    • Fully involved in silicon and board bring up, functional and performance validation, debug triage, and compliance test.
    • Own and contribute to SIPI methodology development, lab build-up.


    • Domain expert on model extraction, frequency and time domain simulation tools such as Cadence PowerSI, XtractIM, Clarity, Ansys SIwave, Q3D, HFSS, designer, Synopsys Hspice, Keysight ADS.
    • Expertise on DDR, PCIE electrical spec and compliance requirement.
    • Expertise on power delivery networks such as various power supply modules, decaps, Vdroop budgeting, CPM model and current profile generation, validation. 
    • Experience with advanced package and PCB technology.
    • Hands on experience with various lab equipment: TDR, VNA, real time oscilloscope. 
    • Excellent skills in problem solving, written and verbal communication, excellent organization skills, and highly self-motivated.

Education and Experience

    • PhD, Master’s Degree with 3-11 years of experience in technical subject area.