AI Software Engineer

(US) Santa Clara CA , Austin TX, Portland OR, Fort Collins CO
Engineering – Software Engineering /
Full-time /
Open position for AI Software development at a fast-moving startup.

Potential Responsibilities

    • Build-up components of an AI Software Stack
    • Port AI Software to run on a new H/W platform
    • Profiling and tuning of AI applications
    • Implement math operators used in AI
    • Build up infrastructure to validate AI models running on a new H/W platform


    • Coursework or experience with C or C++
    • Coursework or experience in Operating Systems or Embedded Software Engineering
    • Coursework or experience with Assembly Language Programming and Computer Architecture
    • Familiarity with Python
    • Excellent skills in problem solving, written and verbal communication
    • Strong organization skills, and highly self-motivated.
    • Ability to work well in a team and be productive under aggressive schedules.
    • Desire to learn new skills and attack novel problems

Optional Requirements

    • Experience with NumPy, PyTorch, TensorFlow or JAX
    • Experience with Rust
    • Experience with CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, or SYCL
    • Coursework or experience with compiler development
    • Coursework or experience with Machine Learning algorithms

Education and Experience

    • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science
About Rivos

Founded in May 2021, Rivos has assembled a world class team of silicon, software and platform designers. The company is backed by premier financial and strategic investors who share its long term vision of building industry-leading power efficient, high performance, secure server solutions based on RISC-V.

Rivos supports the intense requirements of the large language models and data analytics that will remake the enterprise, by providing the full solution of optimized chips combining RISC-V CPUs and a Data Parallel Accelerator, a reference multi-chip OCP modular server, and a full firmware-to-application open software stack. Customer workloads are easily deployed using their existing models giving an immediate TCO benefit.