Senior Backend/API Engineer - Applications

San Mateo, CA
At Roam, our mission is to dramatically improve the health of the world’s population by bringing ever-more complete knowledge to patients, providers, professionals, and companies.

Roam’s machine learning and data platform powers rich analysis of patient journeys to reveal the factors affecting treatment decisions and outcomes. Analysis built on this platform enables life sciences organizations and health care providers to better leverage large, disparate data sources to identify and improve patterns of care.

The Roam platform is powered by machine learning and a proprietary data asset we call the Health Knowledge Graph. The Health Knowledge Graph converts billions of disparate, often unstructured, data elements into a coherent picture of healthcare. The relationships and information captured in the Graph are continuously enriched using machine learning and natural language processing to extract more information, and by making connections to new data sources. The result is a comprehensive view of the healthcare industry that allows life sciences companies to follow information instead of instincts when seeking to improve patient outcomes.

A senior backend / API engineer interfaces with Roam's analytics and front-end teams to design and implement web application APIs. Candidates must be prepared to account for dynamic requirements that change based on data availability and front-end application needs to create scalable solutions and support Roam's product suite.

Key Qualifications

    • Experience with the NodeJS ecosystem, and server side frameworks based on ExpressJS or similar.
    • Experience with Python based server frameworks are a huge plus (Flask, Django).
    • Experience designing and writing RESTful JSON API endpoints.
    • Deep practical knowledge of Elasticsearch/Solr for textual search with an in-depth understanding of relevance based ranking.
    • Knowledge of caching mechanisms, experience with memcached or Redis is highly valuable.
    • Knowledge of authorization and authentication workflows. Experience with SSO, OAuth etc. is a huge bonus.
    • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases. Databases to consider: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB.
    • Understanding of basic AWS concepts and features.
    • (Moderate) understanding of reverse proxies (e.g nginx) and load balancers. npm, babel, JavaScript unit testing frameworks
    • Source control systems, namely Git
    • Experience with ES6, ES7 is a plus
    • Experience with GraphQL is a plus