ML Platform Engineer

San Mateo, CA

At Roam, our mission is to improve global health by bringing comprehensive knowledge to patients, providers, professionals, and life sciences companies.

The Roam platform is powered by machine learning and a proprietary data asset we call the Roam Health Knowledge Graph. The Roam Health Knowledge Graph is continuously enriched through self-learning algorithms that map connections, relationships and causal pathways across trillions of disparate structured and unstructured data points. The result is an unprecedented, comprehensive view of the healthcare industry that allows pharmaceutical companies to follow information instead of instincts when seeking to improve patient outcomes.

We need a high degree of flexibility in how we ingest and store data. Our ideal candidate is an accomplished data engineer with experience in ingesting, processing and warehousing large amounts of data. They have a burgeoning passion for machine learning and experience developing infrastructure to enable easy feature engineering.


    • 4+ years experience using python at a SaaS company (scala is a plus!)
    • Strong grasp of Object-oriented design, CS and programming fundamentals
    • Experience building data/machine learning pipeline (Spark)
    • Experience working with big data stores like Elasticsearch, MongoDB, RDBMS, HDFS, Cassandra, Neo4j (Graph DB experience is preferred)
    • Experience using workflow management software like Airflow
    • Experience using CI systems like Jenkins/CircleCI and Docker based development is a huge plus!