Computer Vision Engineer

Palo Alto, CA
Engineering – Software
Robby Technologies is building self-driving robots to deliver food, groceries and packages to users’ doorsteps. It was founded by MIT PhDs in computer vision and robotics, participated in the Y Combinator (YC) program in 2016, and was featured by TechCrunch on YC Demo Day.

The Computer Vision Engineer will apply his/her expertise in computer vision and machine learning to analyze video frames in real time to localize the robot within its environment, and/or detect obstacles along the way.

Job Requirements

    • Master's or PhD degree in computer vision or image processing
    • Fluency in C++ and Python
    • Experience in vision-based localization, tracking, and mapping algorithms
    • Experience in using OpenCV and other common vision libraries
    • Experience in working with LIDAR and depth cameras
Positions are open for both full time and internship.