Machine Learning Growth Engineer

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Over 50,000 developers build with Roboflow, many of whom are making their first foray into computer vision. That’s only the beginning. Our users accelerate cancer research, discover new galaxies, and even keep raccoons out of their gardens with computer vision. We’re building a movement around computer vision, and this role is about inspiring people to build with Roboflow. 

You’ll be the first hire for this capability, and you’ll be a foundational member of our newly formed marketing team. You are a developer that, when discovering new technology, your first instinct is to build a project with it. You deeply believe conveying a message in a way that’s authentic, compelling, and useful to the audience is important to the growth of developer focused technologies.

You’re ready to devote the next part of your career to an exciting and critically important developer product, and know how to create and foster a web of people and connections to spread the word about it. You don’t just want to be part of an industry movement, you want to be out front leading it.

What You’ll Do

Your long-term objectives will be helping us get computer vision on the radar of every developer, and making them feel empowered to use it in their products and applications — even if they are new to machine learning.

We have a solid foundation on which to build. There are 65,000 public projects built with Roboflow and an engaged community of users. Continuing to engage and inspire this community with new content is critical to success.

You are not joining a team to ‘be managed’ -- we all, including the founders, play an operational role and we are looking to add another doer, not a strategizer or delegator.

Equally important to doing a great job in building a developer community is an interest in building a function and company culture. That means thriving with autonomy and with ambiguity. You’ll also be key in shaping what it’s like to work at Roboflow (think more ‘culture add’ than ‘culture fit’.)

Requirements of this role include:

4+ years experience in a related API/SaaS technology field
Proficiency in Python, and Javascript
A strong technical background that enables you to learn quickly
Excellent verbal and written communication skillsEnthusiasm for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision increasing accessibility to transformative technology
Experience in creating developer content for audiences of varying levels of skill
An excellent track record of regular content publishing, either as part of a previous job or on your own personal channels
A passion for developing relationships and helping others succeed
A preference for having built with Roboflow is a huge plus! (We’ve hired a couple Roboflow users now with great results)


Combine your technical skills, passion, and enthusiasm with your creativity to generate grass-roots attention and adoption of Roboflow, including:

Develop a strategic plan and a tactical roadmap for growing awareness and signups of developers
Create content to educate, inspire, and equip technical audiences with tools and techniques that make them better at their craft
Create demos and technical content all the way through production and publishing
Building projects that will help improve the “bleeding edge” of the main product
Work with Product, Engineering, and Design to develop new content in support of the launch of new features
Experiment with new and emerging technologies, languages, frameworks, to find new ways to help developers succeed with computer vision
Ownership of
Contribute technical review to various marketing initiatives and content and serve as marketing’s very candid filter on keeping things developer-friendly
Be a trusted advisor to company leadership, marketing and product  teams 
Be an active and authentic participant in the web developer community wherever they gather online and offline.