Full Stack Engineer (Core Platform)

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Roboflow is adding our third engineer to contribute to our core product and help us build the foundation for rapidly expanding our engineering team in the months to come.

As an integral part of our early team, this role will inevitably involve wearing a lot of hats. Wide-ranging curiosity and enthusiasm for diving into abstract problems, coming up with good solutions, and seeing them through to completion is essential.

Our core belief is that computer vision is a foundational technology that is going to transform nearly every industry. This is an opportunity to shape how millions of developers will experience and use it for the first time. Your contribution will have a massive impact.

What We Need from You

You'll be tasked with a wide range of projects. We're still small enough that we don't have the luxury of specialization so we're looking for a technical generalist that isn't afraid to dive into a new stack or toolchain if the need arises (but JavaScript and Node.js make up the brunt of the existing codebase).

Most of the things we work on are parts of the core product (which is an end-to-end pipeline for building computer vision projects spanning from image ingestion to annotation to training and deployment) but from time to time we're also working on things like integrating marketing and sales tools, fighting fires, automating internal processes, and open source projects.

You'll have a wide degree of freedom to advocate for which projects you think should be highest priority and will contribute to our strategy decisions. If you need a rigid list of tasks spelled out in a multi-month roadmap, this role probably won't be a good fit.

The majority of our codebase is written in JavaScript, our machine learning and image processing pipeline is in Python. We run primarily on Firebase and GCS, with some machine learning infrastructure on AWS. We're increasingly using Docker (both internally and for customer facing products like our edge inference server). A lot of our code runs in the browser (including some Tensorflow JS) but we're also working on building APIs and client libraries in several languages.

You certainly don't need to be experienced in all of these areas; but should be excited to learn new skill sets as you need them. We also hope you'll bring some new knowledge and experiences you can share to help level-up the rest of the team.

We’re especially keen to add some rigor to our processes and build the foundation for rapidly scaling the engineering organization (for example: we currently have limited tests and are not using an opinionated front-end framework -- things that will need to change over the coming months in order to be able to seamlessly expand the team).

Example Projects

    • Creating a filtering interface so our users can mix and match their images based on metadata like the time of day they were captured, the GPS location, or custom tags they've applied.
    • Leveling up our Docker build and deploy scripts.
    • Integrating the core app with external APIs for things like outsourcing annotation tasks and analyzing deployed model performance.
    • Working on an on-premise version of Roboflow that we could deploy for enterprise customers.
    • Helping migrate our front-end to a framework like React.
    • Unifying login state across subdomains.
    • Expanding our annotation tool to support new functionality (like polygonal annotations image segmentation).