Senior Data Engineer

Remote /
Product & Engineering /
Preferred location: Brazil.

As our Senior Data Engineer, your main goal will be to keep the database up and running smoothly 24/7.
Providing a seamless flow of information throughout the company, considering both backend data structure and frontend accessibility for end-users.


    • Design and implement database structures in accordance to business needs;
    • Build database systems of high availability and quality;
    • Use high-speed transaction recovery techniques and backup data;
    • Minimise database downtime and manage parameters to provide fast query responses;
    • Provide proactive and reactive data management support and training to users;
    • Determine, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards;
    • Perform tests and evaluations regularly to ensure data security, privacy and integrity;
    • Monitor database performance, implement changes and apply new patches and versions when required;
    • Work with our data squad to ensure a data-driven environment.


    • Advanced English skills;

    • Experience:
    • Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL in a high traffic, transactional environment;
    • 2+ Experience with system integrations, ETL, data warehouse, queries and stored procedures;
    • Previous experience with database administration case tools (frontend/backend) and third party tools

    • Knowledge:
    • Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity, MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL (Mongo);
    • High skilled with database standards and data modeling;
    • Familiarity with database design, documentation and coding;

    • Soft skills:
    • Teamwork, wich means we expect excellent communication skills;
    • Problem solving (you should solve problems in a crossteam way);
    • Strategic and systemic business view.


    • Flexible hours;
    • Health insurance;
    • Dental insurance;

    • Other benefits may be available according to your location.
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Our 5-step hiring process

1. Application review: when taking a look at your resume, we're looking not just for evidence that you can do the job, but also to make sure the opportunity we have is the one you're looking for! We'll always let you know both if you're moving forward or not.

2. Phone screening: this is a first interview and our main goal is to make sure the expectations are correctly set up. We're also very open to answering questions and presenting the detailed truth about working with us.

3. Technical assessment: this is the step to not only evaluate  your hard skills but also to present to you a little bit of the work routine.

4. Cultural fit interview: our culture is our main priority. We only hire people that show they can fit with our culture and help us grow. This is a deep and challenging step that will require a lot of thinking. To prepare, check our Culture Code. 

5. Hiring Manager interview: this is the final step! Here you get to meet the one that's going to be your leader, ask anything you want and really understand if you match with the team. Good luck!

All of our positions are available to people with disabilities!

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