SEO Planning Analyst

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Full-time / Remote
This is a remote position, if you don't live in the defined location that's not an issue.

As an SEO Planning Analyst you will have the mission of supporting our customers' success with Content Marketing by developing relevant, data-driven SEO strategies and analyzing their results.


    • Act in the “workstream” of an activity that requires urgent work & offer support to reach the given results within the determined deadlines;
    • Attend internal or external training and qualifications;
    • Monitor and guide yourself to reach goals;
    • Create, analyze and monitor the customer's content marketing strategy, from the SEO diagnosis to the curation and delivery of the guidelines to the customer;
    • Perform analysis of customers and their competitors according to their digital performance;
    • Perform study and keyword research to content development;
    • Analyze and create the advanced content marketing strategy of the customer and propose strategic solutions in SEO;
    • Create SEO strategies that help the customer to achieve the desired goals with the partnership;
    • Investigate market trends that might support new content marketing strategies;
    • Propose content based on the principles of content marketing and sales funnel;
    • Propose strategic changes to the rest of the team in order to drive long-term results.


    • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communication, Advertisement or related areas;
    • Previous experience with Digital Marketing, content production and SEO;
    • Knowledge of content marketing and inbound marketing;
    • Advanced English skills.

Soft Skills:

    • Focus on results;
    • Organization;
    • Good communication skills;
    • Teamwork;
    • Proactivity;
    • Independence (willing to learn and solve problems autonomously).


    • Post-graduation.


    • Flexible hours;
    • Health insurance;
    • Dental insurance.

    • Other benefits may be available according to your location.
Apoiamos a diversidade e não toleramos a distinção por raça, gênero, deficiência, orientação sexual, religião ou qualquer outro tipo de característica física e/ou psicossocial.

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About Rock Content 

We are a global leader in content marketing and we exist to enable growth opportunities for our customers, employees and partners! We help brands to drive revenue and build awareness by- Unleashing collaboration through technology- Connecting them to a global network of creative talents- Delivering premium brand and content experiences for their audience If you are looking to learn something new every day with outstanding professionals in the area, if you want to have the opportunity to innovate and use new technologies for marketing, you will find all of that at Rock! We have the most dynamic, collaborative and intelligent environment there is. Also, we're in strong expansion, having tripled our growth in the last 2 years! Diversity is also very important to us and that's why we commit to it. We do not tolerate discrimination by race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or any other type of physical and/or psychosocial characteristic. 

Our 5-step hiring process 

1. Application review: when taking a look at your resume, we're looking not just for evidence that you can do the job, but also to make sure the opportunity we have is the one you're looking for! We'll always let you know both if you're moving forward or not. 

2. Phone screening: this is a first interview and our main goal is to make sure the expectations are correctly set up. We're also very open to answering questions and presenting the detailed truth about working with us. 

3. Technical assessment: this is the step to not only evaluate  your hard skills but also to present to you a little bit of the work routine. 

4. Cultural fit interview: our culture is our main priority. We only hire people that show they can fit with our culture and help us grow. This is a deep and challenging step that will require a lot of thinking. To prepare, check ourCulture Code.  

5. Hiring Manager interview: this is the final step! Here you get to meet the one that's going to be your leader, ask anything you want and really understand if you match with the team.

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 All of our positions are avaliable to people with disabilities!

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