Senior Front-End Engineer

Columbus, OH USA
Front-End Engineering

The Essentials

Role: .......... Senior Front End Engineer
Team: ......... Product
Company: ... Rocket Code
Location: .....Columbus, Ohio

The Company

We are Rocket Code, a new generation of agency powering connected engagement between brands and customers at the nexus of media, technology, and commerce.

We are the preferred partner of brands who seek to transform casual shoppers into loyal customers. We are the employer of professionals who crave accountability, love adventure, and reject the status quo. In an age of disruption, we help make sense of the chaos, connect the dots, and unlock potential for greatness.

Branding, storytelling, media, interactive designs, and web and software engineering are more than our day jobs, they are our obsessions. All our work is equal parts strategy, art, and science. Those forces combined, we only really make one thing: game-changing brand experiences.

Our calling is to electrify how brands and customers experience one another. As we explore this new frontier of connected engagement, we expand and enrich its possibilities. In all we do, we make the impossible possible. We are daring but not reckless, pioneering but not elitist, and futuristic but not irrational. Welcome to Rocket Code.

The Values

We believe that our success is dictated not only by what work we do but more importantly by how and why we do it. Our commitment to an honorable and purposeful way of working comes to life through a variety of core values:

1. Others First—Empathy and kindness are more than just characteristics, they are perspectives. We see, think, and act through a commitment to serving others first.

2. Unimpeachable Integrity—Integrity is all we really have. It is our word, our bond, the fabric of our fellowship. Regardless of the circumstances, integrity prevails.

3. Leadership Everywhere—Leadership is a state of being, not a function of title or age. As individuals, we step up and take action in any moment where a leader is called for.

4. Opportune Moments—Anything worth doing is worth doing now. Innovation doesn’t wait for perfect timing. Our work takes the initiative to seize remarkable opportunities.

5. Words Matter—Words offer the means to meaning, compassion, and persuasion. They forge the stories we tell, the ideas we share, and the relationships we grow.

6. Moon Shots—We risk failure for the chance to achieve the exponential. Incremental gains aren’t interesting. Wild success requires the fortitude to dare greatly.

The Team

The Front End (FE) Engineering team here at Rocket Code is an elite unit of technologists that loves problem solving, thrives at learning on-demand, pioneers best practices and standards, and is committed to building electrifying software that fosters higher-value relationships between Rocket Code clients and their customers.

We care deeply about how users connect with the interfaces we create via interactions big and small, and are advocates for performance and optimization towards speed, efficiency, and motion.

We don’t chase after the shiniest libraries or technologies, but instead use proven tools that solve real problems.

We are students of the web. Though grounded by historical perspective, we are explorers—insatiably curious, resolutely embracing possibility over infeasibility.

End to end, we own the outcome, holding ourselves accountable for the quality and integrity of our work.

We believe in the power of open source.

We are the builders of the web—we are Front End Engineers.

The Role: Rocket Code Senior Engineer

As a Senior (FE) Engineer on our team, you will lead technical efforts and assessments for specific projects, optimize engineering workflows and processes, mentor other (FE) Engineers, and collaborate with creatives, strategists, account managers, and project managers to ensure your team understands requirements, timelines, and deliverables.

This role demands a mastery of modern web standards, technologies, languages, and tools. Further, this role requires a commitment to self-direction, autonomy, attention to detail and organization, creative collaboration, and ambition for learning through doing. You will be expected to conduct yourself with customers and colleagues alike with great enthusiasm, professionalism, accountability, creativity, humility, confidence, and integrity.

The Responsibilities

* Develop working software to spec at an unimpeachable level of excellence
* Represent the technical authority for specific projects
* Lead technical assessments and solutions for specific projects
* Define technical requirements across specific projects
* Calibrate development effort across specific projects
* Assist other Front End Engineers with their tasks
* Hold others across the organization accountable to providing your team(s) with necessary requirements and resources
* Ensure your production team(s) has the tools and access it needs to be successful
* Contribute to Front End workflows and tooling (Gulp, NPM, Grunt, Docker, VMs, etc.)Conduct peer code reviews
* Be a resource and mentor for other Front End Engineers
* Contribute to Rocket Code’s development best practices and standards
* Contribute written thought leadership to Rocket Code content productions
* Research and report on new development trends and technologies

The Qualifications

* At least four (4) years of relevant work experience with demonstrated results
* Mastery of modern web standards, technologies, languages, tools, and skills. To demonstrate such mastery, you must:

>> Be proficient writing valid, verbose HTML5Be proficient writing performant, scalable CSS3Be proficient with either SCSS, SASS, or LESS
>> Be proficient writing performant, scalable, vanilla JSUnderstand at least one (1) JS Design Pattern
>> Have extensive working knowledge of jQuery or a similar library
>> Understand at least one (1) JS framework (Vue.js preferred)
>> Understand the fundamentals of building Single Page Apps
>> Be proficient with at least one (1) JS templating library such as Mustache, Underscore, Handlebars, etc.
>> Be proficient with all aspects of RWDBe proficient using task runners such as Gulp, Grunt, etc.
>> Be proficient using CLI toolsBe proficient using VCS (Git preferred)
>> Be able to use Photoshop and/or Sketch

* Mastery of modern web services, protocols, etiquette, security, and quality assurance
* Proficiency with modern web platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, DemandWare, BigCommerce, Magento, Craft, etc.
* Proficiency with Scrum/XP software development lifecycles and best practices
* Supreme personal accountability and self-awareness of strengths, skills, and habits
* Ability to draw conclusions from data analysis and recommend appropriate actions
* Ability to problem solve by thinking critically, creatively, and unconventionally

The Right Stuff (Intrinsic)

* Internalize and embody Rocket Code’s core values through demonstrated behaviors.
* Have a desire to contribute meaningfully to our business and to our clients’ businesses.
* Be a student of the Internet eager to explore new technologies and practices.
* Overcome challenges and constraints in pursuit of solutions with grace and resolve.
* Focus on outcomes over activity with attention to time and energy management.
* Hold yourself and others accountable for results in a constructive manner.
* Challenge yourself and others, but always with an open mind and respect.
* Do things the best way you know how and remain open to feedback.
* Embrace constraints and be open to change because change is constant and continuous improvement is essential to growth, achievement, and success.

The Composite Model

Engineering ......................... 65%
Project Leadership ............... 20%
Team Mentorship ................. 5%
Thought Leadership ............. 5%
Professional Development ... 5%