Vendor Enrollment Manager

About Roger
Roger was founded to make day-to-day financial operations like bill pay, expense management, compliance and bookkeeping as worry-free as possible for business owners, finance teams, accountants and bookkeepers. Roger works as an automated layer on top of a company's accounting software, saving businesses and accountants hours of work every day.
With customers both in Europe and the US and a growing team of 40 people, Roger is never a boring place to work. We have offices in Copenhagen and San Francisco but most Roger team members are working remotely from around Europe and North America.

The Role
You'll be responsible for enrolling vendors in our direct payment program. Our customers pay bills to thousands of vendors across the US, and most vendors still receive slow and cumbersome check payments. With our direct payment program, vendors can receive money instantly, which can make all the difference for some vendors in a COVID19 environment.
Every morning you'll receive a list of vendors to contact via phone and email. Your primary task will be to tell them about the program and ask them if they would like to receive direct payments instead of check payments. This is not a sales role - you're not trying to convince them to buy anything, merely asking them whether they would like to accelerate receivables. Once you have enrolled a vendor, you will be responsible for setting them up in our portal and making sure the first payment is successfully deposited.
This role is 100% remote and just requires you to have access to a laptop and a phone.

Roger will pay you $30/hour with a minimum 4 hour/day pay guarantee. Your working hours are flexible between 7am and 6pm EST.


    • Access to a laptop, stable wifi and a phone
    • High ability to structure your own work and be process- and detail oriented
    • Excellent American English communication skills (native level)
    • Physically located somewhere in the US
    • Ability to work independently
    • Tech-savvy
    • Remote work experience is a plus