Quality Assurance Engineer

The Opportunity
We're looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer to ensure and improve the quality of our product. The quality of our product is very important to us, and we always aim to provide the highest quality possible. Your job will be to ensure that the bar is raised, and that we deliver even higher quality.

You'll be working in close collaboration with the the engineering team, as well as with the product team, to ensure and raise the quality of the product we deliver.

Your work tasks will include:

- Execute quality assurance on new features and changes
- Plan, create, execute and manage the overall quality planning strategy
- Continuously test the current products and identify deficiencies
- Suggest solutions to identified defects, issues and inconveniences
- Collect quality data, and collaborate with the product team to ensure consistency and high quality
- Investigate product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction, by identifying
key performance indicators and metrics
- Continuously improve quality assurance

The Team
The Roger team is characterized by a high degree of support internally. We help each other out and pitch in when problems arise as well as give each other feedback to grow. Our top priority is to build the world's best financial automation platforms, while keeping our users safe and compliant. Scalability, reliability and robustness are keywords we live by but we also get excited about building out feature MVPs quickly to keep our innovative reputation with customers and partners alive and well at all times.

The Stack
From a technical point of view, Roger's back-end is built on .NET with C#. On the front-end we work in React and React Native, enabling us to build reliable web experiences that can handle high usage volumes. The product consists, among others, of a web application and a mobile application. It'll be these applications that will have your primary focus.

For automated front-end tests, we're using Cypress.io and you will, together with Engineering have the responsibility to ensure that the test suite within Cypress covers all the functionality of the products.

- 3+ years' experience working with quality assurance, hereby QA processes and QA software
- Experience with a variety of different testing techniques
- Critical thinker and problem-solving skills - you ask the questions, if the product is not clear
- A high sense of ownership and pride in your, and the teams, performance and its impact on the company’s success
- Programming experience is a plus, but not required