Java Developer

“Care for some Java beans?”

If you thought of programming instead of coffee, you just might be the guy (or gal) we’re looking for.
Here’s what we want:
·         A strong love and understanding of Java
·         Wizard in developing Java applications including frameworks like Spring
·         Gets a kick out of solving problems such as dependency injection, configuration, and modularization
·         Loaded with knowledge of full stack web including HTTP
Our ideal new team mate would be a young mind with a can-do attitude.
 Think your charm is as strong as Java? You’re in!
About us
We build SaaS products for e-commerce retailers. Primarily, we use AngularJS, Sass, Node.js and AWS services with TeamCity for CI. We believe in API first and microservices, which are built by our backend engineers using Java relying on Cassandra, SQL, Solr, Hadoop & many AWS services.
About us for real
We have a happy team culture. Enjoy hanging out with like-minded people? Love sharing ideas and learning new stuff? Join us. We pay for books, courses, and conferences – whatever helps you stay focused and updated.