Sr. Front End Developer

Front End
Become a member of the most happening team in the city!
A team of engineers dedicated to building SaaS. Doesn’t sound so exciting – but wait.
We are a fun team of frontend engineers, backend engineers and DevOps engineers who love weekend parties and going crazy every once in a while. We make sure this fun element reflects in our products as well.
This is why we’re looking for a fun person who can handle the front end development responsibilities.
With cloud-native systems and dependence on Amazon Web Services, we are renowned for building better, reliable, and scalable software solutions.
Think you can handle it? Here is what you must have:
·         A very strong understanding of Javascript and its quirks
·         Knowledge of building a new project by configuring a modern build process (Gulp/Grunt/Sass/Less)
·         Experience of web apps using frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, React, or similar frameworks
·         Experience in building tools or services using Node.js
·         Master of mentoring and directing less senior engineers
We’re looking for people who believe in automated testing and have experience with specific technologies in our stack.
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