Video Editor - ScrewAttack

Austin, TX
Entertainment – Content & Production

Rooster Teeth has an exciting new opportunity on the ScrewAttack team for a video editor. We are

looking to fill a full-time position with an experienced editor who grasps how to create high-quality

online video content. An ideal candidate should be comfortable working in a creative, fast-paced

environment, focused on interpreting the creative direction of the brand. This includes, edits based

off notes from producers and directors, completing multiple weekly projects and understanding

comedic timing. Please visit our YouTube page for further insight into the content.


 Complete assignments in a timely manner and prepare content for final release on both the

Top 10 and Desk of DEATH BATTLE shows.

 Manage organization of projects, media and assets throughout the editorial process.

 Execute changes to your edits based off notes from producers, clients and/or management.

 Collaborate with talent to create sales integrations for pre-roll on projects.


 2+ years demonstrated experience editing videos

 Strong sense of storytelling and comedic timing

 Proficient in Adobe Premiere and Photoshop

 Familiarity with Adobe After Effects and Motion Graphics Design highly desirable

 Knowledge of hardware and software required for video and audio format conversion and


 Must have an understanding of video file formats, video analysis and metadata

 Strong attention to detail and organizational skills including specific editing workflows

 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

 Proven ability to work effectively in a team environment & accept feedback/notes on work

 Desire to further improve skills and techniques

 Strong will and self-motivation to take on projects and complete tasks on time

 Understanding of YouTube and internet content needed

 Love of pop culture (comics, movies, anime, games) is a big plus

Please submit a resume and cover letter highlighting your experience and abilities along

with a URL to samples of your work.  All videos must be linked in their entirety.  Montage

reels will not be reviewed.