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The product marketing team is made up of several Product Marketing Managers (PMM) that work closely with individual game teams and other projects. Working as an integral part of the team, the PMM is the ultimate representative of the players, championing user-centricity in the team, and will be responsible for the marketing of the game throughout its life-cycle, from initiation to sunset.The PMM formulates a marketing strategy for maximizing their game’s reach, conversion, and appeal to players at each stage of its life-cycle. The PMM is responsible for selecting the best marketing methods to maximize the game’s potential at each stage and optimize the entire funnel. This involves working closely with all parts of the organization: games management, UA, community, marketing creative, finance and legal.

We are now looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join our team based in Puzzle and Battle studios, Finland.

Your responsibilities as a Product Marketing Manager:

    • Product Development
    • Product Activation & KPIs and reporting
    • Product Performance Optimization

1. Product Development

    • Identifying and sizing market opportunities
    • Profiling target audiences
    • Identifying growth levers, assessing and optimizing marketability 
    • Development and ownership of a brand positioning and packaging for the game

2. Product Activation & KPIs and reporting

    • Definition of Marketing Strategy, and elaboration and execution of the Go-to-Market plan for all stages of game life
    • Target setting

3. Product Performance Optimization

    • Top: UA creative, Influencer, PR, TVC, Radio, Innovative Channels
    • Mid: ASO (Naming), Community, Social Media Marketing, Partner marketing, Campaigns, Seasonality, Partnerships
    • Low: FTUE, Events, Offers, Features
    • Marketing asset pack delivery and coordination

Who we think will do great in this role has:

    • Experience working within a game team and good understanding of game development
    • Experience working with cross-functional team
    • Understanding of the mobile marketing funnel: UA, ASO, FTUE
    • Launch of a minimum of 2 F2P games
    • Well-organized working style and ability to quickly learn new things in a fast-paced working environment
    • Fluency in English, both written and spoken
    • Passion for mobile games and game related marketing communications.
    • Strategic thinking
    • Analytical skills

If you are interested, please send your application today. We look forward to hearing from you.

About our Puzzle Studio:
Rovio’s Puzzle Studio has their sights set on becoming the most successful casual puzzle game studio in the world. Exploring new and emerging trends in puzzle games, the studio has built a deep understanding of the puzzle genre and its players since its founding in 2014. The studio has introduced innovations in puzzle game core with the free-flowing Angry Birds Dream Blast, and the narrative-driven Small Town Murders, as well as providing players with exciting new content and events in fan-favorite games such as Angry Birds Friends. With their games, Puzzle Studio aims to create a true emotional connection that stays with players even when they’re not playing.

About our Battle Studio:
Rovio’s Battle Studio is all about making games that don’t shy away from mixing RPG and action elements with strategy. As such, the team is working on creating the most approachable 4X game on the market, which is currently in soft launch and will be soon in global launch. Set up in 2016, the studio has a flat hierarchy, a high level of transparency and open communication. The team is always trying to find ways to improve its projects, tools, communication, and themselves, while keeping the atmosphere friendly, inclusive, respectful and super supportive. With flexible hours, the teams are respectful of each other’s time, as well as collectively learning from both mistakes and successes as they grow in numbers and experience.
In a nutshell, the team’s mission is to increase the accessibility of the strategy genre by making such games more appealing to a broader audience.

About the Marketing team:

Mixing the world-class expertise of six different crafts – Product Marketing, User Acquisition, User Experience Research, Market Intelligence, Marketing Video Production, and Player Experience, our team’s main mission is to fuel the growth of our games portfolio.
Largely embedded within game teams and in close collaboration with a large variety of stakeholders, our role is to identify, anticipate and make sure to satisfy our target audiences’ needs and wants. We do this across all touchpoints – from early research on new concepts, to how we reach out to millions of players through our marketing campaigns, or to how we engage them through our social networks and other discussion platforms.
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