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Full-time / Remote
About Runway

We’re turning artificial intelligence into tools for human expression. Pushing the boundaries of content. Lowering the barriers of creation and unlocking a new wave of storytelling. We are building creative web-based tools to edit and generate media, tools for the next generation of creators.

Runway has raised over $45M in three years from top-tier investors including Coatue, Lux, and Amplify, with a team that can fit in a small table. We are a young company and this role is a unique opportunity to join a market-defining team in its early stages.

We are a young company and this role is a unique opportunity to join a market-defining company in its early stages. We are looking for a passionated Product Manager to join a highly creative team and help us design, organize, and build the tools of the future.

This is a full-time role. We are based in New York, but welcome remote applications from everywhere 🌍

What you’ll be doing:

    • Representing the user: Studying and understanding how our users use and interact with Runway. Identifying pain points and defining feature prioritization.
    • Support and champion the core business case.
    • Managing and tracking the product objectives, releases, and features.
    • Communicating Internally: Making sure that information is properly communicated within the team. Gather internal feedback to make sure everyone is aligned, bought in, and happy.
    • Communicating Externally: coordinate and help organize product releases, marketing campaigns, and overall communication strategy for the product.
    • Organizing QA sessions.
    • Keep track of analytics instrumentation.
    • Being a fundamental and critical part of the team.

We’re looking for someone with:

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • A deeply analytical approach to research and prioritization.
    • Knowledge of the current state-of-the-art ML capabilities.
    • Experience balancing user needs and results by incorporating feedback from interviews and analytics.
    • Business product sense and UX design experience, with a desire to discover and fulfill the needs of users.
    • Experience working with fast-moving teams and products.
    • Experience developing and shipping products.
    • Strong systems thinking.
    • Engineering experience is a plus
    • Design experience is a plus
More about Runway

Runway is inventing tools that empower anyone to tell stories in ways that weren't possible before. We are taking recent advancements in computer graphics, deep learning, and the web to push the boundaries of creativity.

We are a small team of artists, engineers, researchers, and dreamers working together to reimagine creativity. Our team members have worked at storied institutions across academia and technology such as NYU, Disney, Airbnb, IBM, Linode, Facebook, and Google.

As a tight-knit team, we all have a huge impact on each other and on the work that we put out. We take Our Behaviors and Company Mission very seriously. These are our guiding principles to working in a way that we’re all proud.

Runway raises $35M Series B
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