Senior Applied Research Scientist

New York, NY /
Engineering /
Full-time / Remote
About the role

We’re looking for a Senior Applied Research Scientist to help us develop cutting-edge machine learning models for video and image synthesis. Beyond the next best algorithm that achieves state-of-the-art performance on a benchmark, we want to design models which provide users abstractions to create in new ways. The best fit for the role has a strong research background in computer vision and/or computer graphics, can quickly write and evaluate ML code, and is deeply interested in seeing their research materialize in novel user interfaces for creativity. This is a cross-functional role that requires good communication and collaboration skills; you will be working with our backend team to help bring your research models to production, and with our design and frontend engineering team to make sure that your machine learning models work in harmony with the user interfaces that interact with them.

This is a full-time role. We are based in New York, but welcome remote applications from everywhere 🌍

About the company

Runway is building the next generation of creative tools. We are a small team of artists, engineers, developers, and researchers working together to predict-by-inventing the future. Our team members used to work at NYU, Disney Research, IBM Research, Linode, and Stanford.

We have built a tool that makes machine learning easy and accessible for all types of creatives. And our users love it. But our vision is bigger. We are transforming how content and media is created. For decades, media creation has relied on incremental iterations of the same old tools. And while some of those tools have become smarter in recent years, they're still very much rooted in an outdated paradigm. We've been stuck with the same old Creative Suite for way too long. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will not just bring automation at every scale, but a significant change in how we create. That's why Runway is reimagining how we create, so we can create new things.
Runway has an active and growing community of artists and creators all over the world. IBM, Google, R/GA, New Balance, Chanel, and dozen of companies are using Runway to create and explore new creative boundaries. Runway is also used to teach at a wide variety of institutions. From architectural programs at MIT to self-organized independent workshops in Perú.

We are a young company and this role is a unique opportunity to join a market-defining company in its early stages.


    • 4+ years of relevant engineering or research experience in computer vision and/or graphics.
    • Expertise with programming systems such as Python, C++, CUDA, and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. Very strong programming skills and ability to write clean and maintainable research code.
    • Deep interest in building human-in-the-loop systems for creativity.
    • Passion for seeing research through from initial conception to eventual application.
    • Experience mentoring and teaching other researchers.
    • Strong communication, collaboration, and documentation skills.