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Hi! I'm Larissa 👋🏼 Head of Customer Operations. I'm looking for my partner in crime.... Customer Support Lead!🤩
I am looking for a hardworking, peanut butter to my jelly who I can team up with to create (& maintain) the best possible customer experience. We are a rapidly growing company who needs a key player to focus in on our customer support and to partner with our current lead. I am looking for someone to collaborate with me & my team in creating the MOST exceptional experience for our customers.⭐️

Have you always dreamed of leading & growing a customer support team in a field that changes peoples lives? Are you looking for a role where your daily work matters? Have you built and led a customer support team before and are looking for your next opportunity? Welp. Look no further😎

Must Have Qualities for Customer Support Lead

    • Strong Communicator & Collaborator: Is able to train our team on the Rupa voice and communicate clearly cross functionally to improve our product based on customer feedback & issues. Is a team player to their core. Clear communication to reports, managers, and cross functionally is a must. This role is very cross functional in that CS must be the feedback loop to product!
    • Problem Solver: Analyze and iterate on our internal processes to make them simple and more efficient.
    • Execution & Builder: High energy and a bias towards action is a must. DATA DRIVEN individual. You don't wait to be told what to do - by then you've already done it. Where other people see barriers, you see an opportunity & find a way.
    • No Egos allowed! I am a strong believer in leaving your ego at the door. You must be able & excited to get on the ground floor to answer tickets, work together with your reports, and collaborate with your manager (ME!).

A little about me and the team!

    • This role will report to me & I am the hiring manager- so study up!
    • I love love love all things operations and problem solving! I have a strong passion for my people and am looking for someone who feels the same! Because I care so deeply for my people I am looking for an A+ player to join me in growing our Customer Support team 😎
    • If I could problem solve all day I would BUT- I do save time for other hobbies like: Mountain biking, house plants, hiking, camping, and most importantly, fly fishing!! I work best with 1-2 collaborators and really enjoy creating deep connections with each of my teammates and reports. I am an 8 (challenger) on the enneagram and love to question things and find the weak points to make sure its the best decision. I strongly value ship it over perfecting it. My top three personal values are growth, curiosity, and adventure- I try to live by these everyday!

👋 Does this sound like you?! ⬇️

    • At LEAST 3+ years work experience (must have lead or built a Customer Support team before): You've built and led customer Support teams, established best practices, policies, and standard operating procedures. You know what it takes to deliver above-and-beyond experiences that turn potential detractors into avid fans. You have created an experience with proactive customer support. Empathy, patience, and problem solving are key attribute as this role will include managing ICs and working with escalated issues from customers.
    • Amazing Coach & Loves Their People: Inspire your team to do the best work of their life on a daily basis. Coach, motivate, and empower the team to meet and exceed monthly and quarterly targets by providing ongoing performance feedback & support. Empower team members with a focus on personal and professional development while managing Rupa business needs.
    • Chemistry: Work cross functionally to identify and implement initiatives to help scale the business. I will be working VERY closely with this role! Are you a collaborator, open minded, high energy, and team player? If so, we will get along just fine:) This role, by its nature, is cross-functional and you'll spend a lot of time working with both external and internal (product, operations, design, engineering) counterparts.
    • Growth mindset/ Navigating Through Change: Use data to identify and implement initiatives that will drive better outcomes for our team and customers. This is a fast-moving, early-stage company and we adapt our priorities to resource constraints and market needs. You'll need to be open to learning new things, getting things wrong in smart ways, and rapidly iterating. We need a leader who has demonstrated adaptability, resilience, and leading others through change. You will be the chief problem solver for your team. You don't bring problems to the table you bring solutions.
    • You like to get in the Weeds: You see the need for managers to experience the work of their employees and you love doing so! From the ground up, you are able to understand the comprehensive experience we strive to provide and understand where you and your team fit in. You see what needs to be done and you take action while bringing your team along for the ride. Experience working in other early-stage tech startups is a plus!
    • A passion for functional medicine and creating the infrastructure for the future of healthcare.

🤩 The Opportunity - A day in the life of the Customer Support Lead at Rupa.

    • Note: This role will report directly to the Head of Customer Operations (Larissa who is described above🐟)
    • You will lead your own team within Customer Support
    • You'll lead a team of amazing humans who are the front line of our interactions with our customers and your responsibilities will include:
    • Building a Team- Hiring, training, and scaling the team: designing the hiring process and team composition/responsibilities, training the team on the product, our partners, our processes, and best practices, and performance managing as needed.
    • Creating the Best Experience Possible- Designing and implementing customer support best practices, products, and policies: what should our SLA be on email response time? Should we offer live chat or phone support? What should our refund policy be? What system should we use to manage customer service? And more! Creating a proactive experience rather than reactive.
    • Developing Our Product- Working closely with the product, operations, and partnerships teams to improve internal and external product and operational components of the customer experience. Basically, creating a feedback loop! Bad experiences can come from a number of places, and you'll have a critical role in root causing them and helping us devise solutions!
    • General Team Maintenance & Management: Defining, tracking, and communicating core operating metrics, team performance, and SLAs
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