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Our purpose is to build the best software products for the world. Our team is the secret to accomplish it, that’s why we have a human-focused mindset in which we create a high performance environment full of challenges and initiatives to help us all become the best version of ourselves.

This is what you can expect from S4N:

    • We love being autonomous and working remotely. Each 4ner defines their own schedule, work plan and work location through prior agreement with their team and the client.
    • Our work environment is fun and collaborative. We have an open-minded culture.
    • We have different kinds of free classes and workshops that you can take during working hours, addressing issues such as technical topics, soft skills, sports and English, among others.
    • Mental and physical health is a structural part of the integral development of our teams. This is why we have special programs in these areas.
    • We are both proud of working within a diverse environment and acting in our role as an equal opportunities employer.

As a Backend DevOps at S4N you will be expected to:

    • Participate actively in the decision-making process regarding infrastructure architecture for both internal projects and S4N customers’.
    • Conduct DevOps tools research, evaluation, proof of concept, installation, configuration, and training both for internal and external customers.
    • Develop and maintain Continuous Integration processes, tools, and execution; includes test frameworks, code quality analysis, etc.
    • Design, promote and support Continuous Delivery for internal projects or S4N clients projects.
    • Design, promote and support Configuration Management processes, tools, and execution for internal projects or S4N clients projects.
    • Design, implement and promote the non-functional tests automation for products S4N develops for its customers.
    • Implement deployment processes that entail packaging releases, pushing releases and executing installs.
    • Support customer infrastructure for cloud deployments.
    • Seek quality and cost savings by automating any process the development team executes more than once.
    • Increase deployment reliability and frequency while reducing frictions, that is, to minimize the Life Cycle CI/CD processes.
    • Develop and manage the build and versioning of code releases.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve internal and customer problems promptly.
    • Participate in DevOps processes analysis and documentation.

We are looking for people who seek excellence in what they do. This is what you’ll need to be part of the team:

    • Solid Linux Sys Admin background.
    • Experience with Docker or Kubernetes. Demonstrated ability with scripting languages such as PowerShell, Bash, Perl, or Python.
    • Administrative experience with Cloud server environments such as AWS and Google Cloud. Cloud security experience.
    • Experience with version control Git.
    • Experience with Java application build processes and tools, especially Ant, Gradle, Jenkins, SonarQube, and Artifactory.
    • Configuration Management experience with provisioning configuration management, and containerization solutions such as Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible or similar technologies.
    • Demonstrated experience with common data stores, both relational and NoSQL.
    • Experience with monitoring and troubleshooting a highly available platform.
    • Deep knowledge of software deployment, versioning and release management processes.
    • Experience working with and supporting software development and production server environments.
    • Experience with documenting procedures.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Ability to interact with external customers and staff members. Ability to work in a fast paced, constantly expanding environment.
At S4N you are challenged, inspired, transformed. You evolve.

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