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Our purpose at S4N is to build the best software products for the world. Our team is the secret to accomplish it. Our human-focused mindset has created a high-performance professional environment full of challenges and initiatives to help us all become the best version of ourselves.

This is how your life would be at S4N:

    • We love being autonomous and working remotely. Each 4ner defines their own schedule, work plan, and work location (through prior agreement with the relevant parties)
    • We work with top-notch technologies, constantly seeking out new industry trends and best practices. We find enjoyment in gaining and sharing knowledge.
    • We have different free classes and workshops that you can take during and outside of working hours, addressing issues such as technical topics, relational skills, English, classes for your kids, cocktail making workshops- among others.
    • Freedom to make recommendations, suggestions or simply comment on things without the pressure of adhering to hierarchy or strict processes.
    • Mental and physical health is a structural part of the integral development of our teams. This is why we have special programs in these areas, including free psychological support and free health care.  
    • We are both proud of working within a diverse and inclusive environment and acting in our role as an equal opportunities employer. You are welcome at S4N for who you are. We believe that our work is best when all of us feel free to be who we truly are, no matter where we come from, what we look like, what we believe in, or what we like or prefer. The more voices and points of view we have within our company, the more we will thrive. We don't just promote diversity but also inclusion.

As a Product Delivery Manager at S4N you will be able to:

    • Solve complex customer service issues and proactively prevent negative service trends.
    • Identify and eliminate root cause barriers for accuracy, productivity and quality.
    • Understand, and correctly use resources provided by internal systems, departments, policies and procedures.
    • Develop and achieve performance goals and objectives to meet customer promise expectations.
    • Manage workflow, escalations and effectively delegate workload across the team.
    • Handle multiple tasks and prioritize based upon different needs of the project, client and team.
    • Be involved in information processing by not only facilitating information flow but also providing context and delivering the information to the right people, the right way and at the right time.

We are looking for people who love what they do. This is what you’ll need to be part of the team:

    • Experience managing a group of people under a well-defined process, coordinating discussion spaces to find risk mitigations, with the ability to have the overall picture of the objective of the process, and all the required details that makes the objective plausible.
    • Negotiation abilities.
    • Team oriented leadership.
    • Able to drive process improvements, and keep pace with our growth while motivating others to meet the challenges of an extremely customer focused and metrics driven environment.
    • Be a person with strong communication skills, who can capture and carry out their ideas to a more practical level.
    • Have the ability to anticipate risks, and visualize the entire flow of a process, capable of generating indicators that are relevant to the operation of the project to which they belong.
    • Understands the process from the product's viewpoint.
    • Advanced English skills
    • Technical knowledge/experience in the software industry isn’t required
TOP TIP: Reviewing our case studies can help you understand more about us and our clients needs. Check them out on our YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions regarding this role, contact Laura Benítez via WhatsApp +57 (317) 364 7003.

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