Financial Risk Analyst

New Delhi
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Location: Delhi or Bangalore

Experience: 2-3 years

Job Overview:

A Financial Risk Analyst will assist in developing Safe's Financial Risk Quantification products, including regular content for the website and the FAIR-MAM module in the Safe platform. This role requires someone capable of analyzing financial statements and who can think outside the box to find the snippets of primary attack costs and associated metadata that will improve the confidence of our financial cost models.

Core Responsibilities:

    • How Material Is That Hack:
    • - Analyze public hacks with the objective of projecting primary and secondary financial losses.

    • FAIR-MAM:
    • - Unearth cyber attack costs (preferably micro-costs from primary sources) from actual cyber incidents throughout the life cycle of primary and third-party liability costs
      - Input cyber attack costs and related metadata into a no-code relational database and BI tool
      - Maintain a continually updated dataset of generic benchmark cost driver values
      - Maintain and help develop mini-models for benchmark cost driver values
      - Global research into the totality of cyber attack costs (e.g., proposed laws and regulations worldwide, class action litigation trends, etc.)
      - Deep dive into business interruption from cyber incidents (e.g., operational downtime to recovery, interrupted revenue streams, extraordinary costs, etc.)
      - Maintain an updated dataset of competitor CRQ products with feature comparison to Safe.

Essential Skills/ Qualifications/ Experience:

    • Minimum 2-3 years experience in cybersecurity
    • Proficient at analyzing corporate financial statements
    • Strong research skills using primary data
    • Ability to "follow the thread" while researching OSINT to reach previously unknown data sources and conclusions
    • Strong ‘attention-to-detail’ skills
    • Medium to advanced proficiency in Excel/Google spreadsheets
    • Basic data science skills
    • Added plus - CFA candidate
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