Food Auditor (Full-Time) (Home-Based CAN)

Home Office - Canada
Assurance – Delivery
Position: Food Auditor (Full-Time) (Home-Based CAN)
Department: Assurance – Delivery
Location: Home-Based
Reports To: Operations Manager
Compensation: Competitive / Market, Base + Performance Bonus

SAI Global is looking for an experienced Food Auditor that will be responsible for performing assessments in manufacturing and services industries against 1st-Party, 2nd-Party and 3rd-Party food safety management systems while adhering to SAI Global policies, procedures, and guidelines.

The Food Safety auditor will be hired for their expertise in food safety and respected for their years in the industry.  They will be a part of the best team ever assembled on the face of the earth for Food Safety auditing.  The auditor will travel to exotic places far and wide (like Newark) and experience cultures more interesting than anything.  They will conduct audits to help companies all over North America become the best they can be (by completing the checklist in the time allocated)! There is no living in a van down by the river with this job! We have competitive compensation for full time employees!

Key Responsibilities:

    • Conduct document reviews and pre-assessments to ensure that the requirements of the standard have been met and provide the appropriate feedback to the customer to address any shortcomings.
    • Prepare and send to the auditee an Audit Plan using appropriate documents and forms well-before the audit.
    • Arrange all travel plans, provide directions and other relevant information to audit team members. 
    • Conduct Opening and Closing Meetings, explaining the broad objectives, the scope, audit process and establishing audit plan.
    • Conduct audits, seeking conformity to applicable standard; by interviewing relevant personnel, making observations and inspections and sampling records.
    • As necessary, liaise with other team members to determine validity of their findings in relation to lead auditor findings.
    • Effectively define and present findings to the customer. Advise customers of SAI Global requirements, such as the number of days to address non-conformances.
    • Assess corrections, corrective action/plans and corresponding evidences
    • Prepare the Audit Report. 
    • Lead Auditor, reviews all team members’ documentation for accuracy and completeness.  Ensure all documents required by the respective standard are in place for presentation to the Registration Review Team.
    • Effectively respond if any Review Findings issued.
    • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience:

    • Bachelor Science Degree from an accredited four year college or university.
    • Certification as a Lead Auditor preferred, with regular certification renewal – will offer training for the right candidate.
    • Minimum 5 years previous related experience in Food Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, or Food Safety Systems Management.
    • Experience in a variety of food manufacturing fields or the ability to quickly understand, learn and relate to a variety of industries and their customer's needs and requirements.
    • Knowledge, or general understanding, of various management system standards and guidelines.
    • Basic technical ability with Microsoft Office 365 products, and various word-processing, spreadsheets, and databases.
    • Valid Driver’s License to visit client sites. 

Interpersonal Skills:

    • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
    • Self-motivated and reliable with a strong independent work ethic.
    • Team Player.
    • Ability to ask questions and present findings.
    • Strong organization, creativity, and project management skills.
    • Full commitment to conduct business with the utmost integrity and in full compliance with the law.
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