Battery Pack Modeling Engineer

San Jose, CA /
Battery /
Full time
/ On-site
Sakuu, an emerging additive manufacturing technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is developing high performance multi-material 3d printing technology for active devices like solid state batteries. The company is seeking a “Battery/ Pack Modeling Engineer”.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Battery/ Pack Modeling and Model Development
·         Develop, assess, select, run and manage inhouse and external battery/ pack modeling solutions and tools
·         Bring up and operate solution and tools to perform simulations from several technical perspectives.
·         Perform active battery cell and pack modeling in close collaboration with battery R&D and real life testing
·         Manage to drive and support various battery/ pack modeling projects
·         Routine communication with project members, peers, supervisors and outside vendors

Qualifications and skills
BS/MS in science/ engineering or computer science with a minimum of 2 years of engineering experiences, or related qualifying work experience
Experience with cloud-based software platforms, collaboration models and vendor management
Technical knowledge and expertise in battery/ pack technologies and basic electrochemistry
Proficient at simulation tools for electrochemistry, electrical, mechanics, thermal management and software environments
Aptitude with design tools, computer-aided simulation, data analysis, machine learning
Project management experience
Excellent communication skills to balance simulation and hardware related messaging
Strong team player
Demonstrated ability to work well in a fast-paced, flexible, interdisciplinary environment
Passion for data driven decision making and computer aided design and testing