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The hidden gem of Tasmania 

Nestled in picturesque Hobart is an industry-leading creative product company competing on the World stage. Procreate, developed by Savage, has received a coveted Apple Design Award and been the best-selling paid iPad app on Apple's App Store for the past four years. Savage brings together a rare breed of people who are exceptionally driven and dedicated to helping people unleash their full creative potential. 

We stand by producing the highest quality of work and protecting creativity. We care about our work, our community, and most of all, each other. We’re looking for someone who shares these values and is excited to create powerful, accessible, and intuitive software.  

Your impact as Technical Project Manager 

Our ambitious product roadmap is driven by the desire to deliver the best creative software experience for our global community. To help guide the way, we’re looking for a Technical Project Manager to boost our Product Development team. 
This is a newly formed role which acknowledges the importance of Glue Work. Your mandate is to help refine and streamline our internal processes, improve efficiencies and ability to collaborate all while ensuring that we protect internal creativity. This creativity allows us to deliver the highest quality software experiences.

You will develop and continuously refine ways of working that align with our product, development principles and culture. We are looking for someone with a curious approach, an interest in developing tailor-made processes, and a genuine commitment to facilitating team buy-in and cooperation through transparent lines of communication 

You will report directly to the CPO. In improving interdepartmental collaboration, you’re encouraged to form relationships with colleagues from all departments and develop an understanding of each department’s workflows and the unique challenges they face.  

Areas of focus

    • Non-technical project management. You will focus on creating interdepartmental collaboration, tracking progress on shared projects, and assigning tasks to people and teams. By understanding our way of working, you can develop and implement structure and processes that allow us to focus on creating the best software experience for our users.  
    • Technical project management. Own and drive a range of technical projects related to our software development life cycle, including but not limited to scheduling releases and updates, coordinating builds and uploads, and providing technical guidance for our customer support team. You will understand the way our engineers work and what they need to be happy and productive.
    • Improve operational efficiency. Proactively find ways to improve efficiency between departments. We would like to see you develop efficient ways of tracking progress on individual workloads and projects which align with our development principles.
    • Stakeholder management and execution of product strategy. Develop and support important relationships with external partners, plan feature releases and conceptualise future features. With a deeper understanding of our environment and culture, you can facilitate the development of broader product strategy and the way we communicate our product to our diverse markets. 

The skill set

    • Emotional intelligence and a calm, self-assured leadership style. You understand people and the complex dynamics that exist between people and teams in professional environments. You’re able to set people up for success by aligning individual goals to company goals. Your emotional intelligence, people skills and ability to communicate clearly and respectfully will put us in a position to do our best work. 
    • Experience as a Technical Project Manager in a fast-paced technology, product or creative company. You know what it takes to help teams reach peak performance. You have first-hand experience of the product and software development lifecycles. You're willing to wear multiple hats and be involved in a range of technical projects and the implementation and maintenance of relevant systems and processes.  
    • A deep understanding and focus on user experience. You have a solid understanding of fundamental design and software engineering principles. You appreciate and respect design-driven organisations and can apply your understanding in crafting fit for purpose processes to support the team in our efforts to create delightful software experiences.  
    • Demonstrated ability to lead, manage and collaborate with people at all levels. You understand the priorities and motivations of all stakeholders you work with and can bring people together to work towards common goals. You set the right expectations with clear and respectful communication, and you’re not afraid to keep people accountable to drive projects forward. 

In 1-3 months, you will...

    • Build a basic understanding of product and the existing roadmap 
    • Complete our onboarding process and become familiar with your colleagues 
    • Familiarise with our tech stack, engineering environment and our existing workflows  
    • Begin to develop relationships with key stakeholders, team leaders and members of the executive team 

Between 3–6 months, you will...

    • Begin delivering technical guidance for Product Care  
    • Establish relationships with external stakeholders and partners 
    • Begin identifying areas for operational improvement and take ownership of first initiatives  
    • Own, lead and support the execution of a large scale, highly visible project 
    • Work directly with CPO to assign projects and tasks to the right teams and people 

Between 6 -12 months, you will...

    • Improve our existing system and strategy for bug tracking and fixing 
    • Participate in conversations surrounding product roadmap and strategy 
    • Inform and propose strategies for external product communication 
    • Routinely assign tasks, monitor engineering processes and progress  
    • Drive inter-departmental coordination of a major release or update 
    • Research and understand the relevant tax and compliance regulations for Savage globally 
We believe in cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for all 

Savage Interactive values diversity in our workplace and community. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable to us. Our diversity is our strength, and we are constantly working to improve our practices to make sure that we are representative of the society and world in which we live. In our interactions, we make every effort to ensure that all people are provided with the assistance they need to participate in the interview process, the performance of their work functions and the general enjoyment of their life at Savage.