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Art is for everyone. We stand for and with artists, whether or not they use Procreate. 

Our engagement team plays a critical role in building a completely inclusive and supportive community, sharing creativity, joy and passion. Everyone who comes to Procreate is immediately welcomed as a friend and extended family. Be it support, encouragement, tips and tricks, inspiration, guidance or even pet photos, the engagement team is present and in the trenches with the community. 

We're looking for someone who cares deeply about improving the lives of creatives and creating opportunities for them to shine. 

Ideally, you should have a strong appreciation for art and artists, as you will be proactively sourcing and sharing art that aligns with our community and business. You'll need a working knowledge of online culture or demonstrated positive involvement in online communities.

We need someone who's not afraid to express themselves and let their character shine, not necessarily an expert in marketing and communications. If the following memes mean anything to you, we would love to hear from you.

Your focus will be on

    • Increasing product awareness in diverse and growing markets
    • Proactively sourcing art that aligns with our community and business
    • Sharing your joy and passion for art through conversation and support
    • Engaging with the wider Procreate community in an informal but welcoming way
    • Deep diving into our various social media channels to engage, nurture and create relationships
    • Collaborate with your colleagues and artists to produce engaging and unique content and projects

Essential qualities

    • Familiarity with Procreate product
    • Working knowledge of online culture
    • Interest in, and passion for, art
    • Strong interest/experience in online community building and development

Bonus points

    • Video editing experience
    • Fluency in foreign languages and cultures
    • Ability to share and demonstrate advanced Procreate product knowledge