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The hidden gem of Tasmania 

Nestled in unassuming Hobart is an industry-leading creative software company competing on the World stage. Procreate, developed by Savage, has received a coveted Apple Design Award and been the number one paid iPad app on Apple's App Store for the past four years. Savage brings together a rare breed of people who are exceptionally driven and dedicated to creating powerful tools that allow people to unleash their full creative potential. 

We stand by producing the highest quality of work and protecting creativity. We care about our work, our community, and most of all, each other. We’re looking for someone with the same level of care to support our people in making the best software experience in the world. 

Your Impact as PR Specialist 

At Procreate we’re focused on elevating and empowering people through developing the best creative software experience.  As part of that process, we want to ensure that we are communicating our journey and the work we do along the way. To make this possible, we are looking for a dedicated public relations professional to proactively champion our product and bring light to our stories. 

In this role, you’ll form a deep understanding of our history, achievements, people, long-term business goals, and external partners. With this combined knowledge, you’ll be able to express who we are and what we do, at the right time and to the right audience. Your experiences will inform the development of a short and long-term PR strategy which increases exposure to Procreate and our brand awareness domestically and overseas.  

You’ll collaborate directly with the Marcom team and the CMO to craft consistent and cohesive strategies which reference the origins of Procreate and our larger vision for the future.   

Areas of focus

    • Learning and understanding. This position requires a deep understanding of our people, culture and vision. You’ll spend time understanding our core values, design principles, existing strategies and relationships. Overtime you will form a strong familiarity with Procreate and its features, the markets we operate in, and the different ways people use Procreate.  
    • Storytelling and selling. We are driven and motivated by creating some of the world’s most powerful creative software. Sometimes this means we miss opportunities to tell the world what we’re up to. You'll bring routine and method to the way we communicate externally and make sure we don’t miss an opportunity to put our best foot forward. 
    • Proactive and positive public relations. This is not risk management, damage control or spin doctoring. We need someone that takes pride in Procreate and our achievements and can express that to new audiences with confidence and humility. You’ll lead from the front on pending updates, features and our product roadmap to build excitement and anticipation for people that know us well and for those that have never heard of us.  
    • Networking and developing partnerships. Your ability to create relationships and network, then consistently produce and distribute stories through that network, will directly reflect in an increase in our brand recognition. Your work will help steward our existing relationships and put Procreate in the hands of more creatives.  

The skill set

    • Experienced public relations professional. You know how to craft and execute a PR strategy from scratch or a minimal foundation. Dealing with frequent releases, updates, events and a large network of external partners is second nature to you and more than that; it is something you actively enjoy. You work both proactively and reactively and change gears between the two with ease. 
    • Charismatic and comfortable in the limelight. You're equally as happy in front of the camera, on a call or attending an industry event. You have a quietly confident and outgoing personality which makes people feel valued and comfortable. It is crucial that you enjoy and have a history of connecting with people and building relationships. 
    • You’re a multi disciplined professional. You have a broad skill set that includes the ability to draft engaging press releases, blog posts, long form articles and other communiqué. You have a firm understanding of marketing fundamentals and will have spent time in dynamic, relationship focused environments.  
    • Exposure to tech, design or multimedia businesses. You understand the nature, challenges and eccentricities of rapidly changing product focused companies. You’ve worked in or with start-ups before and just get it. Whether your experience is in software, multimedia, visual arts, marketing agencies or some other creative field, you feel at home in this type of environment. 

in 1-3 months, you will...

    • Complete our onboarding process and get to know your colleagues, our workplace culture and tech stack
    • Familiarise yourself with our story and business origins
    • form an understanding of existing promotional materials and external communications
    • Identify PR opportunity gaps and make plans to address those gaps with specific solutions/campaigns 
    • Achieve quick wins by utilising earlier assets and/or partnerships that have been underdeveloped

in 3-6 months, you will...

    • Transition to a proactive execution of brand-new PR strategies and content
    • Work collaboratively to develop and execute PR initiatives and begin planning short-term PR strategy
    • Develop a schedule for networking, promotion and storytelling to a range of relevant industry bodies

In 6-12 months, you will...

    • Develop and execute a long-term PR strategy that aligns with our product roadmap and business goals
    • Secure high-profile exposure for Procreate in reputable and highly subscribed publications and websites
    • Develop positive and productive external relationships that promise to deliver high-quality exposure for Procreate
We believe in cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for all 

Savage Interactive values diversity in our workplace and community. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable to us. Our diversity is our strength, and we are constantly working to improve our practices to make sure that we are representative of the society and world in which we live. In our interactions, we make every effort to ensure that all people are provided with the help they need to take part in the interview process, the performance of their work functions and the general enjoyment of their life at Savage.