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The hidden gem of Tasmania 

Nestled in picturesque Hobart, Procreate is an industry-leading creative product company competing on the World stage. We are the recipient of two coveted Apple Design Awards and hold the title as best-selling paid iPad app on Apple's App Store for the past five years. Procreate brings together a rare breed of people who are exceptionally driven and dedicated to help people unleash their full creative potential. 

We stand by producing the highest quality of work and protecting creativity. We care about our work, our community, and most of all, each other. Join us in our growth journey as we develop next-generation Procreate products.

Your Impact as ICT Support Specialist 

We are looking for an ICT Support Specialist with previous experience in level 1 or help-desk support. 
You’ll be responsible for level 1 support with an opportunity to pick up additional responsibilities, especially as the demand for ICT support and infrastructure scales. On a day-to-day basis you’ll field support tickets, manage and track hardware, and oversee software licenses and authorisations.  

This role sits within the Operations Department and will report directly to the CFO/Interim COO. In this role you’ll work closely with members across all departments for ICT onboarding, support tickets, or any other software/hardware related ICT needs. 

Areas of focus

    • Level 1 support for a rapidly growing tech business. You’ll become the point person for all level 1 support requests across the company. You’ll handle issues including login credentials, license maintenance and approval, hardware/software installation and verification and general ICT troubleshooting. Your work will allow our current ICT Coordinator to spend more time on system administration and ICT project management.  
    • Updating and maintaining a hardware register. As Procreate scales, our technical inventory grows and becomes more complex. In this role, you’ll take responsibility for updating and maintaining an accurate and detailed register of technical equipment across the entire business.
    • Creating guidelines and documentation. You’ll create general purpose guidelines and documentation for common and routine technical tasks across the business. This work will streamline level 1 support allowing focus to be directed to more complex and unique technical problems. 
    • Moving to level 2 support and systems administration. As you grow in this role and develop proficiency in level 1 responsibilities, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our current ICT Coordinator on larger systems administration issues including server management and cyber security.    

The skill set

    • Ability to problem solve and think laterally. As the first contact for ICT support, you’ll apply a broad understanding of our technical landscape to troubleshoot and find solutions. You're excited by the diversity of challenges and find enjoyment in navigating a level of unpredictability.  
    • You support others with care and effective communication. You build genuine relationships with people in the business and understand how your role enables everyone to do their best work. You communicate effectively and can adapt the level of technical communication based on your audience.  
    • Familiarity with Apple and MacOS. We work exclusively with Apple hardware and prefer Apple platforms like Apple Business Manager. Any experience you’ve had in similar environments would serve you well. We are also using Slack, Office 365, Jamf, Shortcut, Front, Lever and a range of other enterprise software. Understanding how these platforms integrate with each other to allow workflow efficiency is a large part of the role.  
    • You’re an efficient operator of time and projects. Given the reactive nature of level 1 support, you are proactive in developing a triage system to get through your tasks efficiently. You keep others posted on your timelines for resolving issues and you’re able to set realistic expectations for yourself and others. 

in 1-3 months you will...

    • Complete our onboarding process and become familiar with your colleagues and our workplace culture and tech stack. 
    • Begin updating our hardware register to ensure that we can accurately and precisely track all of our equipment.
    • Respond to all support tickets across the business in a timely and efficient manner. 

in 3-6 months you will...

    • Have developed good working relationships across the business as well as an understanding of our ICT landscape and user needs.  
    • Begin to form ideas and suggestions for ways to improve and streamline the delivery of ICT support across all departments.  
    • Perform regular maintenance across both our hardware and software platforms to ensure that people have what they need to succeed.  

in 6-12 months you will...

    • Have ensured consistent and effective level 1 support and be cooperating with our existing ICT Coordinator to work on larger systems administration issues.  
    • Pick up level 2 and 3 support tasks as ICT needs scale with the business.  
We believe in cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for all 

Procreate values diversity in our workplace and community. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable to us. Our diversity is our strength, and we are constantly working to improve our practices to make sure that we are representative of the society and world in which we live. In our interactions, we make every effort to ensure that all people are provided with the assistance they need to participate in the interview process, the performance of their work functions and the general enjoyment of their life at Procreate.