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The hidden gem of Tasmania 

Nestled in unassuming Hobart is an industry-leading creative software company competing on the World stage. Procreate, developed by Savage, has received a coveted Apple Design Award and been the best-selling paid iPad app on Apple's App Store for the past four years. Savage brings together a rare breed of people who are exceptionally driven and dedicated to helping people unleash their full artistic potential. 

We stand by producing the highest quality software and protecting creativity. We care about our work, our community, and most of all, each other. We’re looking for someone who shares these values and is excited to empower people with powerful, accessible, and intuitive software. 

Your impact as Senior Video Engineer 

Leveraging off our recent 5.2 update we continue to develop software that unleashes people’s creative potential and allows them to produce, rich and engaging content.  

To ensure we keep delighting our global community, we’re looking for a Senior Video Engineer with deep and broad experience in encoding, decoding and container development. You’ll handle improvements to our video pipeline and provide technical direction in that area going forward. We want to ensure that we deliver top-tier experiences that reflect and build on the functionality and intuitiveness that people have grown to love and expect from Procreate. 

You’ll work closely with our CTO in relation to product vision and work collaboratively with a small group of senior engineers to build on our existing code with the view to ship within 12-18 months of your start date.  

Areas of focus

    • Low latency video encoding. This role will suit an Engineer that has significant experience working in a company that specialises in video processing. You will be at the centre of development and your skill set will boost our current capabilities. Your priority will be to understand our current video pipeline, make improvements to existing work and support the product road map overall. 
    • Working autonomously yet collaboratively. You’ll need to be comfortable working with a high degree of autonomy and be able to act in an advisory capacity on video processing - we're looking for someone that is happy to take others on the journey with them. Your past experiences will inform the technologies, structures and processes that best suit the project and our desired outcomes.  
    • Performance Optimisation. You will be obsessed with squeezing every drop of performance out of the hardware and the code. You’ll make technical decisions which reduce latency and strain on the limited resource environments that our software runs in. We need to ensure that we support all high-quality video formats, without sacrificing performance.
    • Highly visible work with a large-scale impact. You’ll have the opportunity to come into our engineering environment and make an immediate, large-scale impact. You’ll be tasked with developing leading-edge video encoding solutions for a highly visible product with an active user base in the millions. Your ideas, input and experience will not only be valued but will form an integral part of the product development process.  

The skill set

    • Experience in-large scale codebases 
    • Highly skilled in low-level programming in objective C, C or C++ 
    • Significant experience with HDR/EDR rendering 
    • Demonstrated ability with tone mapping and colour profiling techniques 
    • Deep understanding of video compression and processing standards and codecs such as H264/H265 
    • Experience or familiarity with Apple encoding frameworks such as VideoToolbox
    • Comfortable developing parsers/output of popular codec formats (e.g mkv)
    • Experience in hands-on roles working on video processing, image scaling and frame rate conversion or other related multimedia software development

In 1-3 months, you will:

    • Complete our onboarding process and become familiar with your colleagues and our workplace culture and tech stack. 
    • Familiarise and become comfortable with our engineering environment.  
    • Start work on building out our proxy generation system to reduce strain on resources and allow for real-time playback. 
    • Assess and make recommendations around our HDR rendering, colour profiling capability and our video pipeline in general.

In 3-6 months, you will:

    • Start work on extending our video container support, both in breadth and depth.
    • Detail colour requirements to ensure top-tier colour grading and profiling capabilities.   
    • reiterate and improve existing implementation as well as conceptualise new features, technologies and workflows.  

In 6-12 months, you will:

    • Have built functional video containers. 
    • Completed the proxy builds and directed the engineering team on requirements for handling HDR for HDR10/HDR10+/Dolby Vision. 
We believe in cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for all 

Savage Interactive values diversity in our workplace and community. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable to us. Our diversity is our strength, and we are constantly working to improve our practices to make sure that we are representative of the society and world in which we live. In our interactions, we make every effort to ensure that all people are provided with the help they need to take part in the interview process, the performance of their work functions and the general enjoyment of their life at Savage.