Junior Scala Developer @ Scalac

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Junior Scala Developer

Scalac is a software house. We specialize in systems development on a large scale, based on Functional Programming Languages. Scalac is the Team! This is crucial. We love to work together. We believe that great products happen when employer and employees go hand in hand. That's why we put a strong emphasis on your well being and personal development. Scalac Happiness Recipe: Work Hard, Have fun, Do the right thing!

Are you passionate about technology?
Are you interested in Functional Programming paradigm? 
Are you hungry to work and share knowledge with awesome, proactive people? 
Do you want to learn from experienced, passionate Scala hAkkers? 
Do you want to do the first steps in commercial work with Scalac? 
Do you want to build systems, which are flexible, loosely-coupled and scalable?
Do you feel comfortable working in a 100% flat and Agile environment?
Do you want to “Do the right thing”, delivering high-quality tech solutions & great products?

If the answer to the above questions is “yes” - Join Scalac Team as a Junior Scala Developer, learn fast, work hard, have fun and do the right thing with us! 

What we expect from you:
Being eager to learn new things, have experience in making pet projects on your own, 
Knowledge about programming principles
Having Functional Programming courses passed on your own hand
Being committed - we invest a lot of time and knowledge so we search for people who value it
Bringing your own ideas - we’re waiting for passionate people!
Good, communicative English 

What you can expect:
working in an international team, that is passionate and open to knowledge-sharing
great customers to work with (small, agile, startup-ish clients AND bigger well-respected ones, Western Europe companies)
possibility of working in an unusual and comfortable office in Gdańsk (for example we have and a huge garden) 
unforgettable team meetings, consisting of technical presentations and various activities (windsurfing, boats, canoes, snowboarding, skiing, sleds, paintball, quads, offroad and others)
supporting language skills development  during weekly group or individual classes with amazing lectors (we cooperate with “Talkersi”.)
Freedom (team decides) to choose conventions and work tools.
Best work equipment (MacBook, professional chair/second big-screen etc.).
Opportunity for professional development (unlimited books budget, budget for training, opportunities to travel to technical conferences.