Senior DevOps Engineer @ Scalac

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Senior DevOps Engineer
Join Scalac hAkkers - Functional Programming passionates! 

Are you?
passionate about technology
hungry to work with and share knowledge with awesome, proactive people

Do you?
feel comfortable working remotely in 100% flat and Agile environment
want to “Do the right thing”, delivering high quality tech solutions & great product

If you respond above questions positively, join us. Join Scalac! We are looking for people like you! 

Your challenges:
Creating and constant improving of a delivery pipelines for various programming environments
Solving technical problems
Sharing knowledge with your colleagues
Delivering value to internal products and/or external projects
Cooperating with different types of customers 
Working with an international team

Our offer:
Great customers to work with (including United States, Silicon Valley small, agile, startup-ish clients AND bigger well-respected ones, Western Europe companies)
Best work equipment (depends on your need)
Opportunity for professional development (dedicated budget) 
Conference participation covered by Scalac
Regular company-wide retreats - we meet in person to work and play together. Scalac makes sure every retreat is unforgettable.
Scalac people have other opportunities besides coding and they can pick it

Skills & Requirements
What we expect from you:
Hands-on experience with Kubenetes
Deep understanding of the Linux operating system
Understanding of the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration
Ability to solve network and application issues
Java environment understanding

Examples of technologies you are going to use:
Version control and CI systems: GitHub, Jenkins
Automation: Ansible, Terraform, Packer
Shell and programming languages: Bash, Python, Ruby
Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Virtualization: Docker, VirtualBox
Cloud solutions: AWS, Azure

Preferred skills:
Growth mindset and willingness to learn
Proactive approach, Can do attitude
Problem-solving skills
Team player
Excellent communication skills with fluent English so you can communicate with our clients freely (we help you to develop your language skills) 

About Scalac - Who we are:

Scalac is a Team! This is crucial. We love to work together. We specialize in system development based on Functional Programming Languages. Working with Scalac means working with great Scala and Clojure hAkkers. We cherish delivering value to the client. We have a backend, mobile (Android and iOS) and frontend teams to create awesome products end to end. We develop great projects for various types of customers. We believe that truly great products happen when employer and employee go hand in hand. That's why we put strong emphasis on your well being and personal development.  We work remotely and we do our best to bend to your needs as much as possible and provide them ideal working conditions as much as possible.