Inference UX Developer

Palo Alto, CA, USA
Research & Engineering

We are building the platform for intelligent computing. Our platform interfaces with both machines (software) and people (developers) to enable a new generation of goal-driven, context-adaptive, self-improving software applications.

As an Inference UX Developer, you will help define and continuously push the frontiers of this exciting new paradigm shift. You will focus on designing and developing the people-facing parts of our product including the console, interactive/live documentation/examples, and various developer tools that facilitate application development. You will also create mocks and prototypes to explore new and amazing ways to expose our platform to developers and other people.


    • Solid understanding of web and mobile standards and principles for UX design, as well as practical issues around cross-browser/device compatibility and performance.
    • Significant experience with modern JS MVC Frameworks (React, Angular, Ember, Ampersand, Meteor) and relevant core technologies (HTML5, CSS3, ES6+).
    • Visible past work that demonstrate UX skills and experience.
    • Excellent written & verbal communication and collaboration skills. Zero ego.

Plusses (not exhaustive):

    • Experience with data visualization technologies (D3, HighCharts, Canvas, WebGL, ...).
    • Experience with native mobile development (iOS or Android).
    • Open source contributions or other visible past work.

Core Values:

    • Be reliable. Respect and manage expectations.
    • Prefer to underpromise and overdeliver. If you must disappoint (e.g. miss an ETA or deadline), never do it silently.
    • Show that you care. Show strong bias for action. Get it working first, then iterate relentlessly for quality. If time is running short, cut scope, not quality. Work smarter, not just harder.
    • Seek truth and clarity on the why, the what, and the how, always in that order.
    • Always be nice. Show empathy and patience, not ego or arrogance. Listen with care and respect.
    • Assume the best intentions. We are all flawed, and we are all in this together.
    • Remember to have fun. Never give in to stress. Always seek happiness and fulfillment.