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Products Engineering – Front Website - Transversal /
Full-time (long term)
/ Remote
Our mission 🚀

Founded in 1999, Scaleway, the cloud of choice, helps developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure. Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem is used by 25,000+ businesses, including European startups, who choose Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, smooth developer experience, carbon-neutral data centers and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures. With fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerization and serverless architectures, Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, offering customers the ability to choose where their customer’s data resides, to choose what architecture works best for their business, and to choose a more responsible way to scale.

Our journey 💡

We want all our actions and decisions to bring us closer to achieving our vision: building and scaling technologies that make sense to us, to our customers and their end users. Scaleway is the challenger nobody’s expecting.As our business scales, the customers and developers we serve are increasingly diverse and global. Giving them an unbeatable experience is central to our business strategy and value proposition. To better understand them, we've discovered that the best way to deliver the highest value and performance is by incorporating a well-rounded team that leverages diverse perspectives,  knowledge, skills, and cross-cultural understanding. 

Our values 💜

Singularity: We do it our own way. 
Community: One company, one culture
Adventure: Level up if you dare, never stop innovating. 
Leadership: Be the leader you want to follow.
Excellence: We want to be customers' first choice as a cloud provider.
Rock Solid: You can always count on us! 

About the job
We are looking for an Engineering Manager to join the Front Website team!
The Front Website team is responsible for all of Scaleway’s public websites (excluding Scaleway’s console). Currently, we have six websites under our scope.
- - Main showcase website
- - Technical documentation
- - Developers documentation
- - Careers & job advertisement
- - Datacenter showcase website
- - Blog articles by Scaleway
These websites are the storefront of our company. We want our visitors to find the right information easily and have an accurate glimpse of what Scaleway has to offer. Our goal is to strengthen Scaleway’s brand with neat designs, enforce good web practices, deliver state-of-the-art navigation, and rely on data to ship meaningful features. The squad is composed of three Front-end developers, a Designer and a Product Manager.
As the Engineering Manager, you will manage both your team of engineers, and the general engineering for the team. This position is equally balanced between managerial and technical roles and skills.
You will take care of your team. You will be in charge of management tasks such as planning, following people's career, approving vacations requests, and more. An important part of the position is to improve the skills and knowledge of each member of your team by getting to know them well (strengths, limitations, and goals). Together, you will find the most efficient way of working as a team. You will also be responsible for monitoring and optimizing the velocity and delivery capacity of your team with the help of your Product Manager.
Since you’re also a developer, you will be responsible for supervising development activities. This includes making technical decisions regarding tooling, architecture, and innovation along with the team. One of your key responsibilities will be to avoid over-engineering, and always find a pragmatic approach when a technical problem arises. Indeed, managers at Scaleway usually code 50% of their time.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will be the facilitator of the team, providing them with everything they need to focus on their tasks, by synchronizing with the other managers of the company.
We work in a Scrum framework where the fundamentals are: two-weeks sprint, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, etc. At the end of each sprint, we present our work during demos. Communication, peer programming, and reviews are important to us.

Minimum qualifications

    • As a manager, you should:
    • Be open-minded and ready to adapt quickly
    • Be organized
    • Have a client-first mindset
    • Have strong empathy
    • Communicate clearly
    • Have a good written and spoken English
    • Understand front-end and DevOps topics

    • As a developer, you should:
    • Have a good knowledge of React, HTML/CSS/Javascript
    • Know JavaScript ES2018 (ES2015 is a minimum)
    • Have experience with REST APIs & GraphQL
    • Have experience with DevOps tools (Docker, Ansible, Gitlab CI, Github Actions)
    • Have good web knowledge (SEO, a11y, HTML/CSS)

Preferred qualifications

    • You prefer to solve your problems with code, not dependencies.
    • You are familiar with Gatsby & Strapi.
    • You have already used CDN (Cloudflare) & analytics tools (Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, Segment).
    • You are flexible and able to collaborate with other teams across the company.
    • You have a keen eye for design and web design.
    • Dealing with people is hard and you know it. You work hard so everything is smooth for your team.


    • Work on all our public websites and the new one to come
    • Ensure your team is united behind a common goal that is aligned with Scaleway’s strategy
    • Bring your experience and share it to help the team grow
    • Have a strong business vision
    • Support the career development and training of the engineers in your team

Technical Stack

    • Javascript ES6, HTML5, CSS3
    • React 17 or 18, CSS-in-JS
    • Jest & React Testing Library
    • REST & GraphQL (Apollo, Gatsby GraphQL)
    • Gatsby, Strapi

This position can be either:  
- Based in our offices in Paris or Lille (France) with partial remote
- Full remote, with indays once a month where the team meet in person. 

#LI-Remote, #LI-Hybrid 

Salary Range
Senior level
50,000 - 64,000+ EUR per year 

Recruitment Process 
Screening call - 30 mins with the recruiter 
Manager Interview - 1 hour
Technical Interviews - 1 hour
Teams fit - 30 mins
HR Interview - 30 mins
Offer sent

On average our process lasts 2-3 weeks days and offers usually follow within 48 hours 🤞

Important note: if you don't see yourself ticking all the boxes don't hesitate to apply anyway. Don't limit yourself to a job description, you never know! 

To learn more about us 🌐Scaleway website  | Scaleway’s blog| Scaleway on Twitter