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At Eyeline, Scanline VFX's virtual production division, we want to provide you with a solid foundation where you can be a part of an innovative team of brilliant researchers, developers and virtual storytellers. Learn more.

As a Senior Research Scientist, you will develop new technologies to revolutionize live-action content creation and storytelling. You will conduct applied research in computer vision and computer graphics leveraging Machine Learning. The primary objective of this position is to empower storytellers worldwide by creating innovative tools and algorithms that enhance virtual production, visual effects (VFX), and post-production. By leveraging your expertise, you will enable artists to concentrate on the creative aspects of their work while leveraging the most powerful tools to achieve their vision. Collaboration with content production teams, product management, and engineering teams will be crucial in order to develop and test novel models and algorithms.

Key Responsibilities

    • Solve high-impact problems in content creation, including virtual production, VFX, and post-production, by applying computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning approaches
    • Design and implement high-quality training data acquisition efforts to drive next-generation machine learning algorithms
    • Prepare research publications for submission to top-tier conferences in computer vision and computer graphics
    • Collaborate closely with business stakeholders and engineering teams to seamlessly integrate the outcomes of your work into the content production workflow
    • Provide thought leadership by identifying new areas where algorithms can make a significant impact within the organization
    • Work alongside senior management and executives to shape the vision for how a data-driven Scanline VFX & Eyeline Studios can empower storytellers with innovative tools that enhance virtual production.


    • Demonstrated experience in developing computer graphics, computer vision, and/or machine learning algorithms, with applications in the VFX and/or animation industry
    • Experience building and deploying prototypes for algorithmic solutions
    • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills coupled with strong business acumen
    • Comfortable with ambiguity; able to take ownership, and thrive with minimal oversight and process
    • High-energy self-starter with a passion for your work, tolerance for ambiguity in a fast-paced setting, and a positive attitude.
    • Passion for movies/TV is a plus!
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We look for explorers, people who are willing to go to new places and are open to testing, learning and iterating as they go. We believe great ideas come from everyone, so we actively encourage team members to ask questions and present their ideas.

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