CFX Supervisor - Montreal

Montreal /
3D – CFX /
Staff - Exempt
The CFX Supervisor oversees the work delivered by the CFX team, working alongside Production and Heads of Departments to ensure the highest quality and that client requirements and deadlines are met. They will act as a mentor and help develop their team by assessing the strengths, weaknesses, and interests of each member and delegate tasks accordingly.



    • Be responsive to the needs of the CFX department, identifies and defines them, communicates them, and follows up with the Development team
    • Review Cloth/Hair/Muscles/Groom based on client requirements and offer feedback in a timely and positive manner
    • Participates in the CFX department’s recruitment effort by reviewing and interviewing candidates
    • Works with the Director of CG and Department Manager on expanding the department's roadmap
    • Works within the established pipeline and offers constructive suggestions to improve the process
    • Helps develop and explore new ways to enhance results and the CFX team


    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
    • Minimum five (6) years of experience in live-action CFX work and previous experience in supervision and/or lead role
    • Creative ability and artistic talent, demonstrated by previous work
    • Strong knowledge of May, Houdini, and Python scripting
    • Strong experience in creating a wide variety of simulations (Cloth, Hair, Muscles, Groom, etc.)
    • Proficient in building hair/cloth/muscles rigs
    • Proficient in Maya and Houdini
    • Understanding of physics, realistic motion, human anatomy, and assorted natural phenomena at different scales
    • Deep understanding of the Maya dynamics toolsets and ability to quickly pick up proprietary tools and pipeline
    • Knowledge of Ziva muscles is plus
    • Experience with Maya Xgen for grooming is plus
    • Experience with Maya, animation, and rigging is plus
    • Exceptional technical skills, the ability to learn new software quickly, and a hunger to stay on the leading edge
    • Strong willingness to grow, learn new methods, and share knowledge with others
    • Ability to manage schedule and expectations alongside with production team
    • Ability to showcase show management and people management skills while supervising a show
    • Excellent communication skills and an open mind
    • Team player able to work in a cooperative, fast-paced environment
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