Software Engineer | Full Stack (Lead)

Our Mission

Scape seeks to unify human-machine understanding by connecting the physical and digital world.

The Role

As a Lead Full-Stack Engineer at Scape, you will lead the team developing internal applications for our operations. This will include everything from backend work, such as developing and testing API's and creating Docker containers, to wide ranging frontend activities.

This is a diverse and evolving role that will draw on a product management mindset to set us up to acquire data from multiple sources, creating robust and seamless experiences for our teams internally or externally who interact with us in our data collection efforts.

Due to our fast moving nature you will operate autonomously at times and be largely responsible for investigating problems, deriving solutions and suggesting improvements. The ideal candidate for this role is an experienced software engineer who is confident to take on any part of the full stack and anywhere along our powerful data processing pipeline, and has leadership experience.

Minimum qualifications

    • MSc in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics related subject
    • Experience leading engineering teams
    • Strong Javascript and Python skills
    • Exposure to Computer Vision or Machine Learning related activities
    • Experience with Django or Flask
    • Experience with front end frameworks like React JS and Bootstrap
    • Ability to navigate cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
    • Understanding of Docker
    • Great intuition for database architectures and design
    • Ability to modify and migrate relational databases

Preferred qualifications

    • Desire to make UI's as intuitive and simple as possible
    • Strong spatial algorithmic intuition
Who we are

Scape Technologies is a computer vision startup, located in Shoreditch, London. The company is building a cloud-based ‘visual engine’ that allows camera devices to understand their environment, using computer vision.

Rather than rely on 3D maps built and stored locally, Scape's visual engine builds and references 3D maps on the cloud, allowing devices to tap into a ‘shared understanding’ of an environment. The first product is an SDK for mobile devices that allows augmented reality content to be anchored to specific locations, outside and at an unprecedented scale.

The company was founded in 2016 and is backed by top European venture funds.

Our Culture & Values

Scape Technologies is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

The company celebrates being 'In it Together', 'Restless Self-Improvement' and 'Building the Future'.